Sunday, April 23, 2006


*Note to self, if you need to pee before a race and you have had 2 kids, go and pee!*

West Met meet yesterday. I orignally wasn't going to go because I wasnt feeling all the best, but I thought that if I miss just one week then it will be easy to make excuses every other week. So I went. 4kms of grass and dirt track. Boy it was hard work! Went through the first 2ks in 10.23 and instantly thought 'shit I went too hard' but I felt comfortable so I just kept on going. So a little into the second 2k I needed to pee! I fair dinkum thought I was going to wet myself. It is not easy to run another 2ks while doing kegals to keep it in. So I came home in 11.17 for a total 4kms at 21.40mins. Cranky with myself as I was feeling good and strong. Oh well. But hubby and kids (my cheer squad) were cheering me on and they always make me smile and feel good about my efforts! :)

8km slow run today when hubby drags himself out of bed! I let him sleep in as he let me have a nap yesterday arvo. Good man.

One thing that I noticed the other day... I took the kids out for a photo shoot and Luke kept running away - 2 year olds will do this - and I couldnt believe how easy it was to chase after him! I am seriously loving the fact that I can just get up and run and play with the kids more and not feel puffed. Sweet!

Happy running!!!


  1. Good run, Beth, especially on such a dusty course. Meadowbank is much nicer - flat and scenic. Good bike path. Train hard and see you on 13/05!

  2. Congratulations on a great effort Beth. Yes those 2 yr olds can certainly get away from you and they seem to get faster too.

    I love your Scrapbooking site too. I have been scrapbooking for a year now and I love it. It looks like we have simular interests : )

  3. Sounds like it was a painful run! Well done on a great effort though. Sounds like you have a lot in common with our GoGirl. I've met her two year old and he made us all laugh when he tried to run down the start of the 6ft track when all the runners went past:)