Friday, April 14, 2006


First off - I would like to say HI and thank everyone who reads my blog! :D

Easy 5km this morning. Very easy! Tried to take it at 6min/km and ended up doing the 5k in 30.02mins. Sweet.

Was is it with taking it easy and it somehow feeling harder?!?! Oh well...

Rest tomorrow and then the West Met run on saturday! Getting nervous already! Gosh I am the worst nervous person ever!

I remember at Little A's State Champs when I was in the u/15's for the walk and we were "on your marks" when I said Wait!! I have to vomit! And I did. And I ended up with a stitch halfway through the race and came second. Still kicking myself to this VERY day! That was my year to win! Oh well.... shit happens.

But yeah I am the worst nervous person as I vomit all the time! *roll eyes*


  1. *mental note: Beth vomits before a race*

    Looking forward to standing near you (but not next to you) at start of the C2S in August. :)

  2. My exact thoughts gronk as I was picturing her fellow racers...good luck with the race on saturday!

  3. Glad you're not doing the 2k tomorrow.

    Blurking isn't really encouraged !

    Might see you there - have a great run and remember - it's a FUN run