Wednesday, April 12, 2006


3km run this morning - oops - just realised it was supposed to be 3.2km - oh well I will add the other 200m on tomorrow. Took the first km a little hard - especially running up that fing hill that goes for just over a km but then I eased up and enjoyed the other 2kms. Did the 3km loop in 17.05. Ran on the road and gosh it felt easy after running on grass and dirt track.

Wednesday is measurement/weight day. UGH!
I started running originally to lose weight and then I decided since I was really enjoying it that I would take it up as a sport.
Well in the last 8 weeks I have lost 2kgs and 4cms of my hips, 2cms of my waist and 3cms of my thighs. Except I havent decreased these measurements in the last 2 weeks and I am slightly depressed. I am going to start diarising what I eat because I have to be slipping up somewhere!
I, being the world's biggest chocoholic, havent eaten any in almost 2 weeks!!! Which is a huge effort for me considering I used to eat it EVERYDAY! NO joke!!!

Oh well, I am sure this is just a temporary plateau and I am comforted by the fact that I only want to lose 5kgs so it is not a huge amount - and they say the last kilos are always the hardest to lose.

/Depressive post.


  1. Welcome to blogging Beth. I know what you mean about trying to lose weight. It's hardwork when you are fitter and you don't have much to lose. I have lost about 3kgs in the last 6 weeks but I still have another 7 to go so I'm plugging away.

    I did my first half last year and really enjoyed it. I did the SMH half in May. I'm just building back up this year after getting tendinitis in my knee so make sure you don't build up too quickly. I find it much easier to follow a programme too.

  2. Welcome to team H! Good luck with the running.

  3. Hi Beth
    Trust me, I knew you were deadly serious about the chocolate!

    Diarising your food intake is a good idea as it can help you to remember those little bits and pieces that all add up. Eating amnesia is a very common problem!

    Plateaus are normal too...keep up the good work with the running and you'll soon be losing again!