Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I havent updated my blog in ages and its because I write down my times and stuff in my diary so I was just double handling. Not only that - after my run in the morning I was so tired at night I wasnt doing anything except lounging around feeling sorry for myself! So now I am getting fitter and feeling more alive of a night I will update more often! This week marks my 9th week of running!

Ok so saturday saw the first race in the West Met Road and Cross Country Winter season. I rocked up to Habberfield, and lo and behold - the NSW Racewalkers Club was at the same park!! I spent many a winter competing in that competition before I stopped walking!!!

So I sign up and the race is a 3km. Sweet.
The starter says "GO!" and everyone sprints!
In the back of my mind I have DH saying "if you come last I am waiting for you in the car" so I run hard to keep up so I dont come last!
The first km I went through in 4.45 - WHAT THE?!?! WAAAAY to fast for me and my chest is starting to burn but I keep going.
Coming back to the start to finish the 2km - Steve and the kids are there clapping and cheering! Then Luke decided he wants me and starts running after me calling "mum mum mum". When I keep on running he gets heartbroken and just stands there crying!
So I go through the 2nd km in about 5.05.
By this time I was ready to walk!! But I keep going!
The last km I come home in about 5.20 and Steve and the kids were clapping and cheering for me! They were so supportive! They made me smile when I thought I was going to collapse!! LOL!
So I finish the 3km in about 15.15. Not bad considering I run at 6min kms in training!
My calves cramped up so bad from the grass running!
Looking forward to next week! I will run smarter and not go out so hard at the start!

So I didnt do my long run on sunday because I started coming down with a cold - which thankfully has gone thanks to being sent to bed by Steve for rest!

Went for a 5k run today along the track out the back. Finished in 29.29min. Felt good - but harder than running on the road!


  1. Welcome to Blogging Beth. Looking forward to following your progress to your first 10km and beyond. :)

  2. you couldn't hide from the Coolrunning bloggers for ever! Good luck with the HM training, there is less than a month to my first!

  3. Welcome on board. Good luck with your training.

  4. 3k in 15 minutes is awesome for how long you've been training, congrats!

  5. Hi again Beth

    Might see you at West Met.

    BTW, your Nov comment about Betty... funny, I happen to know that brand very very well!!!

  6. great blog - welcome - enjoyed reading it

  7. Welcome to blogging. I have heard about this western sydney series I might look into it.

    Cheers PLu

    4:51 AM