Monday, April 3, 2006


ahh look at that - 2, 4, 6..... 8 who do we appreciate?!? BETH!!! LOL!!!

Ok so not much happening here in the last week.
Boring normal stuff. I really think I need to get out more so I have something interesting to talk about on here.

Still running. Finding it so much easier to drag my butt out and go for a run as it doesnt feel like I am going to collapse anymore running up that darn hill! The new training program is going great! I have given up chocolate too until after the City to Surf! So far it has been 3 days.... only about another 100 to go! Eek!

I found that our little suburb has a dirt track out the back. Went for a ride on it this afternoon and am trying to con Steve into going for a ride out there. He used to love riding and hopefully he might get back into it.... and off the computer a little! (hint hint)

Went to Kid-About playland today and the kids (and Steve), as always, had a great time!
Anyway, just dribbling on here so I better go as we are going to watch a movie - 40 year old Virgin - looks funny so I hope it is!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Great to read a new entry!!! Yay And good for you with all the running etc. I need to get of my a* more. xxx

  2. YAY you are back!
    Congrats on the running and what the? with the chocolate giving up - ARE YOU CRAZY?? lol

    I hope you enjoyed the movie, we have that to watch this week sometime!

    Sandi :)

    Ps your blog is always interesting!

  3. Oh my gosh you are dedicated!