Sunday, April 30, 2006


Thats all.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Kinda surprised myself today... I had a 6k run scheduled so when hubby finally got up (i let him sleep in again... gosh I am nice!) he ushered me out the door to go for the run. Secretly he just wanted to use the computer without me nagging! ROFLOL!!! I ran really well today and I even got a comment from a guy who was walking that I passed twice. He called out "you're doing good" so I called out "yeah but its taken me weeks to get here though".

So, back to running.... I decided to go around in 6min/km. I was surprised to I went through the first 3km in 17.29mins and I thought yeah a little fast but I feel good. So I turned around and went the other way around the block and did the second 3km in 17.11mins. This is my fastest 3km around the usual block! I was really happy with that and the thing is I could have kept running even longer at that pace!

I am so happy with my progress and I am so relieved that I have not had any injury niggles either! *Touching wood frantically!*

Did my long run, well 8km run on sunday, and went through in 49minutes, so in around 6.10mins/km which I know is a little fast for this run, but I felt like I was running really really slow as it was!

Thanks for stopping by and happy trails!!! :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Day to Day: Family Musings

Me and the kids went visting Kath today and her gorgeous little girl Georgia. We had such a great day!!! Georgia is just the sweetest little thing you have ever seen! Luke was of course his normal self, getting into everything and not doing what he was told.... *rolls eyes*

So Kath inspired me to go home and drag out my old cooking magazines. So I dragged the kids to the supermarket to get some stuff for dinner. Tonight we had a rice and chicken curry with some naan bread. It was very yum and even Steve liked it!!!

Ugh Luke bit Kate tonight, really bad, so much so that he broke the skin. I was so cranky I had to put him in his cot until I calmed down! I just dont get his behaviour... I think I need to get a copy of the Super Nanny!

Anyway, I have an assignment to finish so I better do the rounds and then go and do it!
See you all and take care! :)

Sunday, April 23, 2006


*Note to self, if you need to pee before a race and you have had 2 kids, go and pee!*

West Met meet yesterday. I orignally wasn't going to go because I wasnt feeling all the best, but I thought that if I miss just one week then it will be easy to make excuses every other week. So I went. 4kms of grass and dirt track. Boy it was hard work! Went through the first 2ks in 10.23 and instantly thought 'shit I went too hard' but I felt comfortable so I just kept on going. So a little into the second 2k I needed to pee! I fair dinkum thought I was going to wet myself. It is not easy to run another 2ks while doing kegals to keep it in. So I came home in 11.17 for a total 4kms at 21.40mins. Cranky with myself as I was feeling good and strong. Oh well. But hubby and kids (my cheer squad) were cheering me on and they always make me smile and feel good about my efforts! :)

8km slow run today when hubby drags himself out of bed! I let him sleep in as he let me have a nap yesterday arvo. Good man.

One thing that I noticed the other day... I took the kids out for a photo shoot and Luke kept running away - 2 year olds will do this - and I couldnt believe how easy it was to chase after him! I am seriously loving the fact that I can just get up and run and play with the kids more and not feel puffed. Sweet!

Happy running!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


So I went for a 6.5km run on sunday, wanted to go through in 6.30m/km and was just slightly quicker at around 6.20m/k so I was happy with that. I felt comfortable and strong which was good.
Monday off.
Was supposed to run 5.6km on tuesday but had a shocking night sleep which consisted of me not getting to sleep until 2am so when the alarm went off at 6am the LAST thing I was doing was going for a run!!!
So instead I went for a 6km run this morning. Wanted to go through at 6min/km and went slightly over at about 6.13min/km which was good because I felt like the BIGGEST UNCO!!! I was stiff through the shoulders and they just wouldnt relax! I felt like I was running with 2 left feet and my legs just did not want to move! I tell ya - it was a struggle for the entire 6km!!!
So wednesday is weight/measurement day. Not much to report except a weight loss of about 1/2kg which made me pleased! :)
Thanks for reading and happy running! :)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


One of those days....
I did a big long post but it was just me whinging about my day, so I deleted it.
<---Here is a photo I took instead.

Monday, April 17, 2006


I hope the Easter Bunny was kind to everyone! I know he was in my house!!!

Luke woke up at 5.45 and we tried to get him back to sleep with a bottle. Didn't work. At just after 6 I thought I would get out of bed before Kate woke up to put the eggs in the front yard. Just as I stood up, Kate came out of her room. So I made her hop into bed with Steve while I went and put the eggs out. We had a frost and it was so cold I dressed the kids in warmer clothes before they could go outside.

Well they had an absolute ball and Luke picked up the first egg and started munching on it straight away!!! Not only did the kids have fun, but so did I. I loved watching the excitement on their faces!

So then they were on a sugar high for the rest of the day! Gosh they went crazy!!! Oh well, you only do this once a year!

Happy Easter Everyone!!! :) :)

Sunday, April 16, 2006


So does everyone know that bread has a 5 day shelf life? Like so today is the 15th which means if you buy bread and its date is the 20th then it is all good, which means if your bread says the 21st then it is even better! LOL!

So I went to XC today and I beat the 60 year old lady except she was wearing shoes today as it was a concrete path course - they must have slowed her down! Seriously though, I ran really well and I was battling with another girl for the last 1.5kms. The race was 4km and I did 20.53mins. Sweet!

<----- So I did this layout yesterday and I am kinda in love with it! LOL! I had to use those silly looking Heidi butterfly tags as a main accent. Seriously had no idea what to do with them and the BG paper they gave me because one piece had rockets on it! Cmon - rockets and butterfly tags just DONT GO!!!!! I used some of those new Heidi alphabet masks and well umm alpha stamps would have been easier... but I guess you get to make them all line up easier - unlike my effort! ROFLOL!!!

Yeah so I got a really nice surprise yesterday! I got home and the new Scrapbooking Memories had arrived and I had a layout in it!!! Woohoo!!!! Which of course made me sit down and submit almost everything in the hope of feeling that buzz again!! LOL! Lets hope something gets picked up!!!

Right now, in two weeks time, I will be at the Nickleback concert! WOOHOO!!! So excited!!!!!

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!!! :) :) :)


What a beautiful day for running!!!!

Took hubby and the kids to Strathfield for the second race in the West Met XC season. Nice to meet you Blue's Buffet!!! :)

4km today. I knew I had to run smarter or I would conk out in the end. I forgot my watch so I have no idea what my km splits were... but you know I am thinking this is a good thing because I felt relaxed and I just ran!
The first km seemed to take forever to get to!!!
At the 2km turnaround there was a girl in front of me - about 50m and I thought 'I can catch her' (my competitive side coming out!) and by the 3km mark I had caught her and we tusseled it out all the way to the end. It was great having someone to run against!
So I finished in around 20.53mins. Quicker then I was anticipating - average of 5.15min km's. The best part was I didnt feel like I was going to die at the end!! I really enjoyed myself today!

Long run tomorrow - only 6.4km - I know, I know, not very 'long' but I am sticking to the Hal program and thats all I have to do!

Have a good one and happy trails!!! :) :)

Friday, April 14, 2006


<----So this is the layout using the super (un)cool Wiggles paper and die-cuts! I know, it is very simple but seriously?!?!? Oh and Kath - I do dodgy scans too.... sometimes! LMAO!! :P

I can't believe that it is Easter already! This year is flying! What is it with public holidays that makes people think they cant survive ONE day with the shops closed?!?!

You know I was thinking the other day about going in to watch the ANZAC Day parade. I was talking to Steve about it, because what if all the Returned Soldiers die - will there still be a march? Who will carry on with the ANZAC tradition? Anyway, I think we will go because I haven't ever been to watch it. When I did Air League growing up I marched in it every year, but I have never actually watched it. I think this year will be the year.

So I am super excited because I am going to my FIRST scrapbooking retreat!!!! WAHOO!!!! Its for Scrapbook Superstore and its in July! I am bunking with Linda! YAY! I am so very excited!!!!!! I better start photoshopping my photos and getting them printed out!!!

What a very bizarre and random post?!?!!?

Thanks for reading!!! :) :) :)


First off - I would like to say HI and thank everyone who reads my blog! :D

Easy 5km this morning. Very easy! Tried to take it at 6min/km and ended up doing the 5k in 30.02mins. Sweet.

Was is it with taking it easy and it somehow feeling harder?!?! Oh well...

Rest tomorrow and then the West Met run on saturday! Getting nervous already! Gosh I am the worst nervous person ever!

I remember at Little A's State Champs when I was in the u/15's for the walk and we were "on your marks" when I said Wait!! I have to vomit! And I did. And I ended up with a stitch halfway through the race and came second. Still kicking myself to this VERY day! That was my year to win! Oh well.... shit happens.

But yeah I am the worst nervous person as I vomit all the time! *roll eyes*

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


3km run this morning - oops - just realised it was supposed to be 3.2km - oh well I will add the other 200m on tomorrow. Took the first km a little hard - especially running up that fing hill that goes for just over a km but then I eased up and enjoyed the other 2kms. Did the 3km loop in 17.05. Ran on the road and gosh it felt easy after running on grass and dirt track.

Wednesday is measurement/weight day. UGH!
I started running originally to lose weight and then I decided since I was really enjoying it that I would take it up as a sport.
Well in the last 8 weeks I have lost 2kgs and 4cms of my hips, 2cms of my waist and 3cms of my thighs. Except I havent decreased these measurements in the last 2 weeks and I am slightly depressed. I am going to start diarising what I eat because I have to be slipping up somewhere!
I, being the world's biggest chocoholic, havent eaten any in almost 2 weeks!!! Which is a huge effort for me considering I used to eat it EVERYDAY! NO joke!!!

Oh well, I am sure this is just a temporary plateau and I am comforted by the fact that I only want to lose 5kgs so it is not a huge amount - and they say the last kilos are always the hardest to lose.

/Depressive post.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I havent updated my blog in ages and its because I write down my times and stuff in my diary so I was just double handling. Not only that - after my run in the morning I was so tired at night I wasnt doing anything except lounging around feeling sorry for myself! So now I am getting fitter and feeling more alive of a night I will update more often! This week marks my 9th week of running!

Ok so saturday saw the first race in the West Met Road and Cross Country Winter season. I rocked up to Habberfield, and lo and behold - the NSW Racewalkers Club was at the same park!! I spent many a winter competing in that competition before I stopped walking!!!

So I sign up and the race is a 3km. Sweet.
The starter says "GO!" and everyone sprints!
In the back of my mind I have DH saying "if you come last I am waiting for you in the car" so I run hard to keep up so I dont come last!
The first km I went through in 4.45 - WHAT THE?!?! WAAAAY to fast for me and my chest is starting to burn but I keep going.
Coming back to the start to finish the 2km - Steve and the kids are there clapping and cheering! Then Luke decided he wants me and starts running after me calling "mum mum mum". When I keep on running he gets heartbroken and just stands there crying!
So I go through the 2nd km in about 5.05.
By this time I was ready to walk!! But I keep going!
The last km I come home in about 5.20 and Steve and the kids were clapping and cheering for me! They were so supportive! They made me smile when I thought I was going to collapse!! LOL!
So I finish the 3km in about 15.15. Not bad considering I run at 6min kms in training!
My calves cramped up so bad from the grass running!
Looking forward to next week! I will run smarter and not go out so hard at the start!

So I didnt do my long run on sunday because I started coming down with a cold - which thankfully has gone thanks to being sent to bed by Steve for rest!

Went for a 5k run today along the track out the back. Finished in 29.29min. Felt good - but harder than running on the road!


OMG - 2 posts in 2 days! What's gotten into me?!?! LOL!

I just thought I would share some photos! The first one is of my new bedroom suite we got the other week.

I am just so totally in love with it! It makes me want to go to bed at a decent hour! LOL!

The funny thing is that now I have a nice suite, I have to keep resisting the urge to go and buy new linen! Quite frankly, my linen cupboard is choccas with linen, so I dont want more, I just want more sophisticated stuff iykwim! LOL!!!

<------ And here is a photo of Luke playing his guitar! He is such a cutie! I have to do a layout for my LSS using some really ummm uncool Wiggles paper, so luckily Luke is the hugest Wiggles fan and I was able to get a few good shots of him today in his Wiggles shirt!

And here is a photo of Kate! ---->

I kept Kate home from school today as she has a cold and was coughing really badly. Her first day off school.... oh well... she wouldn't have been able to concentrate all day anyway! They drove me crazy all day but luckily both are in bed. Yes before 6.30pm. LOL! I told you they drove me crazy!

Anyway, I better get back to this layout I am doing for TSS.
But before I go, I would just like to thank everyone for their supportive comments about my running! I know it must be boring to read, but I really really love and appreciate your comments! Thankyou!!!
See you around!!! Take care!!!

Sunday, April 9, 2006


Ok so that silly quiz was supposed to say that my blog should be BLUE! I really should look at my post before I go blog hopping... but anyway...

So we pull up to the park for cross country and the NSW Racewalking Club were there! Talk about a trip down memory lane!!! I don't know how many winters I spent competing in their comp as a kid!!!

Ok so the race was 3km and I had that nagging "you can't come last" thought in my head so for fit people 3km is a sprint.... not for me! So when they said "go" everyone sprinted so I had to run fast (for me) to keep up with the tail of the pack. Well I finally get to 1km and think 'bugger is that all I have done' as I am starting to feel it from running the first km in 4.45. So at this point I started to pick up a few people which felt good! Then coming back to the 2km mark Steve and the kids were there clapping and cheering for me! Then Luke wanted me so he starts running after me calling out "mum mum mum" and gets heartbroken when I keep on running! So cute! LOL! So with 1km to go the front runners were finishing. I did 2 km in about 9.50 so a 5.05min km.
Then I really really started to feel the pain in my chest from simply running too hard at the start. I really wanted to stop and catch my breath but I thought 'stop being a whimp and hurry and finish'. So I did the last km slower at about 5.25 but I finished to more cheers and claps from Steve and the kids.
I didnt feel much pain in my legs as I was running but as soon as I stop both calves got massive cramps and they are still tender today only because it was about 2/3rds grass.
The card I was given said 62nd and it took about 15m 15s which I was super happy with! I didnt come last - there were about 70 people in the race.
My next goal is to beat the 60+ year old lady who ran barefoot!

Sorry, very long winded but I am so proud of myself! I ran faster than I thought I could at the moment, next time I just have to run a little smarter!

Then afterwards we went over to my sisters as they just got a new pool table. My other BIL also came over so we had pizza and played pool while the kids all played together so it was really a great night!!

But now I think I am coming down with the flu! I have been sneezing heaps and my eyes are watering! :(

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!!! :) :)

Saturday, April 8, 2006


Yeah so I was doing the blog rounds when I saw a link on Nic's site for a quiz and I found other cool quizzes there!

So I did some and some of the answers were so off the mark it wasnt funny but then I did this one:
Your Blog Should Be Blue
Your blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere.You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant.From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.
<a href="What Color Should Your Blog or Journal Be?

And it was true!! Freaky!!! LOL!!! :P

Yeah so I signed up to Blacktown City Athletics Club and got myself a singlet that obviously wasnt designed with the female body in mind. It cuts in at the boobs and flashes my bra off! Oh well I will just have to wear a different singlet underneath. I am starting in a comp tomorrow - the West Metro Cross Country - and I am a little nervous and excited! Steve said if I come last he will wait for me in the car. So supportive..........

I have been feeling really good since I am getting fitter - not so tired at the end of the night so hopefully I will be around more and get some scrapping done!

Life is all good at the moment. Luke is getting to be such a little boy now! He is growing out of being a baby and really growing up! It's scary because I dont think we are going to have any more babies, but kind of like a relief aswell as we can do more things together as a family as no naps are involved!

A lady at work today told me a story which I thought was really sad. Some mental imagary I wont lose in a hurry. 3 years ago her son was walking on the roadside at night. He was bending down doing something. A car with 2 drunk people in it thought it would be funny to run over a kangaroo. The 'kangaroo' was no kangaroo. It was a man. He was hit at 180km/h and was thrown into a tree. When the drunks came back to finish off the kangaroo they realised it was a man and pulled him out of the tree, puncturing his lung on a branch in the process. He was lucky to survive and now has no use of an arm and a leg on one side of his body. He is single and has two boys, 16 and 13, and they do the house work etc. Such great kids but such sad circumstances. Anyway, just wanted to share and get it off my chest and tell you all that its not cool to drink and drive, no matter how sober you think you are.

And with that I will leave you all tonight!
Have a good one and thanks for dropping by!!!!

Monday, April 3, 2006


ahh look at that - 2, 4, 6..... 8 who do we appreciate?!? BETH!!! LOL!!!

Ok so not much happening here in the last week.
Boring normal stuff. I really think I need to get out more so I have something interesting to talk about on here.

Still running. Finding it so much easier to drag my butt out and go for a run as it doesnt feel like I am going to collapse anymore running up that darn hill! The new training program is going great! I have given up chocolate too until after the City to Surf! So far it has been 3 days.... only about another 100 to go! Eek!

I found that our little suburb has a dirt track out the back. Went for a ride on it this afternoon and am trying to con Steve into going for a ride out there. He used to love riding and hopefully he might get back into it.... and off the computer a little! (hint hint)

Went to Kid-About playland today and the kids (and Steve), as always, had a great time!
Anyway, just dribbling on here so I better go as we are going to watch a movie - 40 year old Virgin - looks funny so I hope it is!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 1, 2006

New Training Program!!!

Ok so I was poking around at CoolRunning and some members said that the Hal Higdon training programs are pretty good. So I have decided to follow the first 11 weeks of the Novice HM program and then do the Intermediate 12 week HM program and that should have me ready to run the Blackmores Sydney Half Marathon in Sept.... hopefully!
So far I have done a week and I am feeling good and confident I can keep it up! Its so much easier to stay on track now I have a program to follow!

20 weeks to C2S!

Week 6 - 20.03 - 26.03

6.4km ~ 39.44
3km @ 18.11
3km @ 18.45

Cross 30mins
Bike ride approx 10km




6km ~ 38.12
3km @ 18.50
3km @ 19.22

6km ~ 38.50
3km @ 19.15
3km @ 19.34

TOTAL: 18.4km + cross

Week 5 - 11.03 - 19.03

I know its longer than a week but just bringing it into line with my diary.

1 hour bike ride ~ 23.1km
3km run @ 17.39

6km run ~ total 38.39
3km @ 20.00
3km @ 18.39


10km run ~ total 1.05.53
3km @ 18.41
3km @ 19.42
3km @ 20.02
1km @ 7.26


3km @ 17.16

45 min bike ride

3km @ 17.48

3km @ 17.12

TOTAL: 28km