Monday, March 20, 2006


Nothing much happening here....

Kate went away for the weekend with my sister and BIL to their friends farm. By the sounds of it she had an awesome time! She just loves animals so she would have been in her element! I can't wait till tomorrow to talk to her about it!

I got a new bedroom suite yesterday! Its just so gorgeous!!! I am so in love with it! It is all timber and my room smells like wood but I love the smell so its all good. On the bed topic, I shrunk my quilt. Grrr! Note to self - dont wash wool quilt! I had to buy Kate a new one because we shrunk hers by washing it... you would have thought we had learned our lesson.... apparently not!

I scrapped this weekened! Woohoo! I did a layout for The Superstore and since silly blogger is being silly with photos - here is a link:

My layout titled Beth! LOL!

Just finished my CJ so it can be sent onto the first person for The Scrappers Stash. My topic is: My To-Do List.

My 5 things are:
  • run a marathon
  • Bungee jump
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Learn how to snow ski
  • Shower in a waterfall
Now, bloggers, whats on the top of your to-do list???

Okies, thats about all from me as I have to get up early for a run. Yeah I am still running. The C2S is looking good! So is that 10k in June - my first mini goal.

Ok I am seriously going now! LOL!
Thanks for stopping by!!!!!


  1. Missed you in Bowral ;)
    :) Yay for new bedroom
    :( Boo for quilt
    :) Yay for new layout too!

    Love the list there sure isnt anything tame on there!

  2. Susan (smiles1965) from scrapboxxMarch 20, 2006 at 7:58 PM

    Great layout as always, thanks for sharing.

    I agree with Rach, we missed seeing you at Bowral.

    Glad to hear Kate had an exciting week end. My dd also adores animals.

    Bye for now, have a great week Beth.

  3. Good luck with the C2S Beth - I saw the marathons yesterday at the mcg and it was awesome.The last place getters got almost as big a cheer as the 1st. I think they should all be so proud. Annnnd to top off a great day I got to share an elevator and actually talk to Steve Moneghetti.

  4. Good for you with the running Beth!!! Well done. And the layout looks tops! x

  5. Good luck with the C2S Beth. Guess What ?? I have bungee jumped, it was a scream, my husband and I went bungee jumping in Arlie Beach just past Mackay, we had a ball, it was 60ft high, so pretty scary.


  6. Love the LO. Thats not good about the quilt, but I do find it funny!! Hopefully you dont shrink anymore :)
    hmm.. whats on my to-do list??? Go in one of those big giant balls and roll down a hill.. i think its called zorba or something? May get a chance do to that in 3 weeks when we are in NZ :) Good luck with yours!!!

  7. My head hurts. So I can't manage an intelligent reply. But I read and I ditto rachies :) and :('s lol

    talk soon xx

  8. Eeek, those things on your *to do* list scare me to death Beth!

  9. Hot Air Ballooning is a definate must. I did it over the desert in Alice Springs and it was the most amazing experience.

  10. Hiya Beth :) I lol'd at your quilt..hope it doesnt happend again!

    I love the shower under a waterfall to do thing! Sounds amazing.

    I dont have a to-do list... LOL~

  11. Oh Beth, bugger about your quilt. You'll just have to sleep a bit closer to your dh - lol!!!

    Love your to-do list, don't have a clue myself. ;)

  12. Okay, now you know that I want to see photos of your bedroom suite Beth!
    Get onto it girl :O)

  13. Bum about your quilt Beth..LOL
    To do list for me:
    washing, ironing, cooking...
    Sharryn :)