Saturday, March 4, 2006


So I am a little tipsy so I thought I would post an entry! :)
Well I had a day off work today. I was very *cough* sick.

So I cant believe it has already been 12 weeks since my last blood donation. Thats right kiddies - I donated my precious O- blood last night and just reminding all that can - please go and donate! It really isnt as bad as you think!!!

No work tomorrow - woohoo! I hate working saturdays - but at double time and only 4 hours I find it hard to say no - but tomorrow I am not rostered on so I am going to drag Steve and the kids to the park - I think Western Sydney Regional Park as it has a cool flying fox!

So I have just finished off 4 Ruski's and am losing feeling in my nose - the drunk test for me.... lol and I am in good spirits! I have just planned a layout so all it needs is to be trimmed to perfection and stuck down. It was for a cybercrop prize for TSS - imagine receiving my page as a prize - roflmfao!!!!! Well I hope Vicky likes it - to be honest - I am liking it! LOL - that could be the alcohol talking though!

You have no idea how many times I have used backspace in this post - fair dinkum!

A HUGE shoutout to Sharryn for getting a publication acceptance for SC!!! Woohoo! The first of many I am sure!

Linda - cmon girl I am sure you lead a jam-packed full of action life - so update your blog! LOL!

Anyway - very excited - I went to Superstore today and spoke to the lady who looks after the DT and well I am just super pumped and excited!!! LOL! So much so it inspired me to scrap! Oh and I went to Harvey Norman to have some photos developed and was a happy chicken because they now do 5x7 prints and have reduced the price on 6x8's!! WOOHOO! Happy camper here!

Seriously it doesnt take much to get me happy and excited! LMAO!

I might go now.....
sorry if the links dont work and I am going to try and format some colour into this baby so hopefully that works! LOL!

I had something else to say but have forgotten - oh well must have been a lie - lmao - who else's mum says that?!?! LOL!!!!

Oh I remember now - I am just sitting here listening to Nickleback and James Blunt - could life get any better?!?!? Love it!!!

Smiles and take care!!!!!!!
And thanks for stopping by my blog!



  1. he he he - thanks for the chuckle tonight!! My mum said that too - about the lying bit - so I had a little flashback there!

    And has for who would want your LO - WHO WOULDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. :)

    count my mum in on that saying too Beth.

  3. LOL! You make me laugh....ok ok...well I will go and update my blog! :)

  4. Good on you Beth, I am so pleased you are excited, your work is just lovely. "Happy Campers" photo prices Harvey Norman sound great, I am going to check it out.


  5. LOL sounds like you had a good night!

    Congratulations on the SuperStore Guest DT spot. Is that the one at Penrith? I love that store even though I have only been in it once!

  6. 'Bout time you updated!!!!

    Hope your head is ok today! Sounds like life is good which is nice to hear.

    Have a great weekend.
    Sandi :)

  7. LOL...congrats on the guest spot..might just have to come and check that shop out I think.
    Told my DH about the concrete quote..being a concretor he could appreciate it..LOL
    Sharryn :)

  8. Hey Beth!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    You are very colourful on here - no wonder after 4 ruskies!! How is your nose???

    Megan xx

  9. ROFL
    Love it when you drink and blog Beth! Everyone should do it.

    Big giggle that your nose is numb!

  10. ROFL! I don't think you wrote a sentence that didn't finish with an exclamation mark! BTW my Nanna says that about the lie! See ya! x!

  11. I say that about the lie too, and my friend now has me saying "It's all fun and games till someone loses an eye".

    Hope you don't have a hangover!!

    And congrats too about the Guest Designer spot. Well done.