Tuesday, March 28, 2006


So this week I have been so absorbed watching the Commonwealth Games. I have made a vow that next time the games, either Olympic or COmmonwealth, are in Australia, I AM THERE! As a spectator of course! LOL! :P

So were you all watching? Ok so here is where I lay claim to one of the athletes......
Did you all watch the 3000m Mens Steeplechase last friday night (24th)? Well the guy who came 4th, Martin Dent was my very first boyfriend! He dumped me and made me cry for 2 days but I was 13 so I have since got over it but it doesnt stop me from claiming some fame! ROFLMAO!!!!

So, what else has been happening in the bethroid world? Not much!
I applied for some new jobs. Fingers crossed!

Went to my sister-in-law's baby shower on the weekend and now I am undecided about if I want more babies..... Steve informed me that he didnt want any.... Dont worry thats his sense of humor, otherwise, too bad so sad! LOL!

Eh, nothing much else....
Take care and thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006


Nothing much happening here....

Kate went away for the weekend with my sister and BIL to their friends farm. By the sounds of it she had an awesome time! She just loves animals so she would have been in her element! I can't wait till tomorrow to talk to her about it!

I got a new bedroom suite yesterday! Its just so gorgeous!!! I am so in love with it! It is all timber and my room smells like wood but I love the smell so its all good. On the bed topic, I shrunk my quilt. Grrr! Note to self - dont wash wool quilt! I had to buy Kate a new one because we shrunk hers by washing it... you would have thought we had learned our lesson.... apparently not!

I scrapped this weekened! Woohoo! I did a layout for The Superstore and since silly blogger is being silly with photos - here is a link:

My layout titled Beth! LOL!

Just finished my CJ so it can be sent onto the first person for The Scrappers Stash. My topic is: My To-Do List.

My 5 things are:
  • run a marathon
  • Bungee jump
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Learn how to snow ski
  • Shower in a waterfall
Now, bloggers, whats on the top of your to-do list???

Okies, thats about all from me as I have to get up early for a run. Yeah I am still running. The C2S is looking good! So is that 10k in June - my first mini goal.

Ok I am seriously going now! LOL!
Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Kate turned the big 5 yesterday! I cant believe my baby girl is 5!!! She had a great day!

Firstly she opened her present which was a My Little Pony hot air balloon set and 2 MLP DVD's.

Then at 12 oclock we went to Cooper's birthday party. Cooper is in her class at school and his birthday was last thursday. His party was so much fun!

The kids (and some parents) had tractor rides, which was really a ride-on lawn mower with a trailor attached and some hay in it!
There were 2 jumping castles, but that was because the first one they put up wasn't what they ordered, so they left it there and then put the other one up aswell.
The kids all had a splash around in the pool. Since Kate she was standing on the steps and missed her footing and fell in and she was flailing around so I just layed down and grabbed her and pulled her to the surface and out of the pool. After that she just splashed around in the spa with some other kids who couldn't swim. Definately going to be putting her into swimming lessons asap!
So some more party fun with the pinata and face painting and then we went at 4oclock. Those 4 hours went very very fast! All the kids had the best time!

Then in the evening Fliss, Jus, Wendy, Pete, Shaz and Shaun all came over for Kate and Shaz's birthday and we had a BBQ. Great night.

Which brings me to today.
I was at the shop this morning picking up some more cough lollies for poor sick Steve when I thought I would check out if they had some choc-vanilla swirls yogo - which of course they didnt and I turned around and there was Catherine. I trained with Catherine for years with walking! She lives like around the corner! I was so excited to run into her! She is still walking and it got me thinking about if I should start walking again, or just keep up with the running. Hmmmm. Undecided. I might have a go at walking tomorrow morning and you just never never know.........

Oh and I just found out that Jane Saville is going to be the flag bearer for the Commonwealth Games. She is an asset to athletics. She has been around for so long and always at the top level of participation. Well done Jane and I hope you bring home the gold medal! I am so excited about the Comm Games - only 2 more sleeps until it starts!!!

Ok so I better go as I have a CJ here to do wich I should have done ages ago. Oops. I also have 2 DT layouts to do. Argh! So much for my time management skills!!!!!

Oh and I just want to say how proud I am of myself tonight. I crumbed some chicken for dinner, and it is the first time I havent left half the coating burnt to the bottom of the pan! My cooking skills are improving! Yay me! LOL!

Take care and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Week 4 - 04.03 - 10.03

Note to self - don't donate blood then drink no water for a day then get drunk and try to go for a run the next morning. NOT SMART!

Sat 04.03
Nothing - see above note

Sun 05.03
2k @ 11.57

Mon 06.03
2.5k @ 14.30

Tue 07.03
2.5k @ 13.43

Wed 08.03
LSR - 9 km total in 58.06
3k @ 18.40
3k @ 19.48
3k @ 19.37

Thu 09.03

Fri 10.03

Total: 16km

Monday, March 6, 2006


First off - I would just like to say a huge big THANKYOU for coming and reading my dribble and even posting comments! You are all truely special! Also thankyou very much for your congratulations on the DT spot! One thing though - Sam - whats you blog addy so I can add you to my list like I was supposed to do a month ago???

So yes - I did have a slight hangover! I was supposed to do 4 reps at 1.5km - did about 1km when I thought I was going to vomit so I went home and Steve sent me for a nap - which lasted 3 hours.......

Fran - I say that ALL the time!!!! Its all fun and games till someone loses an eye! I love it!!! C'mon everyone - what are some other sayings? (I feel a layout coming on! LOL!)

Ok so sunday was all planned - we were going to go to the shops and then off to the park. So we got ready. I was doing Kate's hair and yep, you guessed it - nits! Ewww! So off to the chemist we go and then spent the next couple of hours delousing! All's good. I think. I hope.

So Steve decided we needed to wash all the clean clothes that were ready for folding - oh only about 5 loads and all the towels and bedding - by bedding he also meant quilts. So I am still washing today and everything is going through the dryer (cant wait for the electricity bill!) because he read on the net that dry heat tumble drying for 20 minutes kills any lice. Let's hope it does the trick!

Today I took Luke to playgroup. Why oh why do I have a feral child!?!?!? I am more tired chasing after him than after one of my runs! Fair dinkum! But there was a really sweet moment when one of the other little boys - around Luke's age I think - was sitting in his stroller ready to go and Luke went over and gave him a cuddle and a kiss. Awwww. The other poor boy cried though so his mum gave Luke a cuddle instead.

Oh here is the layout I did for Vicky who won the cybercrop prize of me doing a layout for her over at TSS. I wish it was mine to keep because I would definately sub it!! Even with the 3 year old daggy star shaped eyelets!!! :P

So thats about it from me today.
Take it easy and if you cant be good
, be good at it!

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Week 3 - 25.02 - 03.03

Felt good this week!

Sat 25.02
Intervals - 1km x 4

Sun 26.02
Int 1.5 x 3
1km @ 6.27

Mon 27.02
Int 1km x 3

Tue 28.02
Int 1.5 x 3
7.42 (downhill)

Wed 01.03
50 min LSR
3k @ 19.18
3k @ 19.18
1.7k @ 11.23

Thu 02.03
Donate blood

Fri 03.03

Week Total:

23 weeks till C2S!!!


So I am a little tipsy so I thought I would post an entry! :)
Well I had a day off work today. I was very *cough* sick.

So I cant believe it has already been 12 weeks since my last blood donation. Thats right kiddies - I donated my precious O- blood last night and just reminding all that can - please go and donate! It really isnt as bad as you think!!!

No work tomorrow - woohoo! I hate working saturdays - but at double time and only 4 hours I find it hard to say no - but tomorrow I am not rostered on so I am going to drag Steve and the kids to the park - I think Western Sydney Regional Park as it has a cool flying fox!

So I have just finished off 4 Ruski's and am losing feeling in my nose - the drunk test for me.... lol and I am in good spirits! I have just planned a layout so all it needs is to be trimmed to perfection and stuck down. It was for a cybercrop prize for TSS - imagine receiving my page as a prize - roflmfao!!!!! Well I hope Vicky likes it - to be honest - I am liking it! LOL - that could be the alcohol talking though!

You have no idea how many times I have used backspace in this post - fair dinkum!

A HUGE shoutout to Sharryn for getting a publication acceptance for SC!!! Woohoo! The first of many I am sure!

Linda - cmon girl I am sure you lead a jam-packed full of action life - so update your blog! LOL!

Anyway - very excited - I went to Superstore today and spoke to the lady who looks after the DT and well I am just super pumped and excited!!! LOL! So much so it inspired me to scrap! Oh and I went to Harvey Norman to have some photos developed and was a happy chicken because they now do 5x7 prints and have reduced the price on 6x8's!! WOOHOO! Happy camper here!

Seriously it doesnt take much to get me happy and excited! LMAO!

I might go now.....
sorry if the links dont work and I am going to try and format some colour into this baby so hopefully that works! LOL!

I had something else to say but have forgotten - oh well must have been a lie - lmao - who else's mum says that?!?! LOL!!!!

Oh I remember now - I am just sitting here listening to Nickleback and James Blunt - could life get any better?!?!? Love it!!!

Smiles and take care!!!!!!!
And thanks for stopping by my blog!


Wednesday, March 1, 2006


EEK! The last day of Februaury!!!! I can't believe tomorrow is not only the beginning of March but is also the beginning of AUTUMN!!!!!

So I know, another post so soon to the last one...... well its because I have some great news! I applied for a Guest design team member at a store a couple of weeks ago and I was kicking myself at the time because you had to give them 2 double layouts for consideration but on both of them I used a 8x10 photo so I thought I had screwed up my chances because 8x10's are not always practical and cheap... but apparently not!!! Thats right!!!! I have been selected for 6 months to be a guest designer for The Scrapbook Superstore at Penrith! YIPPEE!!!

Started cleaning up Kate's room - is it just my daughter or are most 5 year old room's messy? I only cleaned it 2 weeks ago but within 3 days it looks like a tip again!?!?! Drives me crazy. I wanted to move the furniture around but it was too hard so I have left it until Steve gets home from work.

Nothing much else today, me and Luke bummed around in the backyard playing.
Tonight we are having chicken Strog but am undecided if we will have it with fettucine or rice. Hmmmm tough decisions........

Got up at 5.45am to go for a run and tomorrow will be 5.30am as it is my long slow run on wednesdays.

So thats about all for now.... just had to share my happy news! LOL!
Take care!!!!!!

ps. did you notice my autumn colours? LOL!!!