Sunday, February 12, 2006

City 2 Surf

OK so I dont know if I ever said what my 2006 goal is.
It is to run - the entire way - in the City 2 Surf.
I started training a couple of weeks ago and promptly gave up - I am so unfit and out of shape and it was all just too hard.
So I have done research tonight and found a really cool site that has a 20 week training program which will be perfect since I have about 25 weeks till the big race.

So thats about all from me tonight. I was just really happy I found a site that had some decent info on it and thought I would share!


  1. Go beth, go beth *pompoms*

  2. I think it is great that you are going to do City to Surf. My mum and dad live in Sydney, and my dad run the race in 2000, a while ago now, but he was 60 yrs old when he did it, and he went well. So good luck in your preparation Beth.


  3. That's great Beth! Slow and steady wins the race. x