Monday, February 27, 2006


Where the ##### did the last week go?!?!?!?!?!
I cannot believe that another week has already passed! This year is just going way to fast for my liking!

So I have been keeping up with my running and I have even set myself up a new blog - the Site of the running Pain - and it holds all the boring running stuff - somewhere to keep track of my progress.

So I was studying last night when I came across this quote on concrete "it is a willing material when fresh, fragile when still young, stubborn when old, lacking always in tensile strength."
It doesn't mean anything to most but I really liked it..... yeah so anyway..... lol

Havent scrapped all week - so I think that makes two weeks now with no scrapping. I am sure I will get back into it sooner or later....

Went to Ikea yesterday - love that store! Steve wanted to get some new glasses as we had a mishmash of glasses. So I threw out all the old cups and now we have some nice new ones. They are only small in size which is ok as it will limit the amount of soft drink consumption - well thats the plan anyway!

Today I took Luke to playgroup. There were only 3 other kids there but he had a great time anyway! Then I put him straight to bed at 11am and he has only just woke up now! I guess it wore him out!!! Definately will keep going to this!

Before I go I just want to say..........
Hope you have a great one!

Take care and keep smiling everyone!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Week 2 - 18.02-24.02

Feeling good and so much stronger now - even thought it has only been 2 weeks since starting on this grand adventure!

Sat 18th
Intervals off 500m run and 150m walk x 4 Medium

Sun 19th
Int 500m run/150m walk x 8 Easy

Mon 20th
Walk 3km
Ride 30mins or about 12k

Tues 21st
Walk 3km
Ride 30mins or 12k

Wed 22nd
45min LSR total 6.5km
3km @ 21.05
6km @ 41.46

Thurs 23rd/Fri 24th
Rest and stretches ready to start week 3!

24 weeks till C2S!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Day to Day: I was watching Futurama tonight.....

And Hermes said "I was never cut out to be a beaurocrat, I am only anal 78.63% of the time" and I have to admit Moi, I thought of you! LOL! Sorry!

Ok so not much else happening except Steve will be home soon - he went away overnight for work, but gee I missed him! I think we tend to take each other for granted alot of the time. I suppose its lucky for us we dont fight! I have missed him and I am reserving a big cuddle just for him.

On the topic of reserving - I am going to the Nickleback concert!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! They would have to be my favouritest band and I am really excited!!!

Ok, another diary entry!
Hidden Treasures
We may feel we know our friends pretty well - their annoying habits as well as their good points but we should avoid taking their personalities for granted. There are always new areas to explore, even in the oldest of friendships. Spend some quality time with a good friend, share some secrets, and deepen the bond between you.

And speak of the devil.... Steve is home! YAY!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Day to Day: A week already?

I can't believe that it has almost been a week since my last entry! Yes, I did fall off the face of the earth! LOL! No, seriously, I have been tired after my runs and trying to limit computer time.

So the running is going good. With every day I train, I feel stronger and fitter. I have decided that I am not going to stop with the C2S - in fact I am going to return to competitive athletics - assuming I am good enough! LOL!

Anyway, not much else happening here - certainly no scrapping!!!

So for a diary entry:
Cherish Intimacy
Love really is the answer. Happiness research confirms that nothing's more life-enhancing than cultivating intimate relationships - with a partner and with close friends. The other side of cherishing your nearest and dearest is being cherished in return. True intamacy is a conversation. It begins with connecting to your deepest self, then reaching out to embrace others.


Ok, so because DH is away I was not able to go for a run. Instead, after I dropped Kate off at school I went for a 3km walk with Luke in the pram. The when Luke went down for a sleep I got on the exercise bike and watched Dr Phil! LOL! So I did 30 mins on the bike which was almost 12km.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Intervals again.

So this week I had to add an extra mile to one of my runs so I decided today would be a good day because Steve is away for the next two nights so I wont get a chance to go for a run - I will use the exercise bike instead!

Walk 650m
Run/Walk (500/150) 5.2k
Walk 650m

Total: 6.5km
Time: 44.48mins

I felt really good too!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Intervals today. I decided to go a little harder to see my progress.

walk 650m
run/walk (500m/150m) 2.6
walk 650m

Daily total: 3.9km
Time: 27mins

So I went a little too hard but thats ok as now I know I just have to keep on plodding away and I will build up my endurance in no time.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


So I had to walk up to the shop as Kate was complaining of an itchy bum - gotta love school! So we are all wormed now! :) Gotta love the chocolate flavour too! LOL!

So then I decided to watch the Biggest Loser weigh in - I cant believe on guy lost 15kgs in one week!!!

SO afterwards I decided to go for a sloooow jog.
Started off walking for about 300m and then started running. I got to the turn off and decided to go the full 3km block.
Surprisingly I just kept on going till I got to about 2.5km and then I got a killer stitch so I walked the remainder of the way. Quite happy as it took 24 minutes and the walking was very slow and the running even slower! LOL!

So exercise today:
Walk: 1.5km
Run: 2.5km
Time: 35mins approx

Friday, February 17, 2006

Not hungry

I am not hungry.
I know I have to eat more but I am just not hungry.
I am eating less than I did before I started exercising!
Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast
Lunch: Sandwich
Dinner: Meat and veg or pasta etc.
UGH! Whats wrong with me?!?!
I am supposed to be famished!!!!!

On an up note, I felt really good after running last night the slightly longer distance. That is what week 2 will be based on. Day 4 I will add the extra lap to make it 6.5km total for that day. And then on day 5 I will run a little bit longer - maybe a full 1.2km before a rest.

I have become slightly obsessed with running and I cant wait to be fit enough to just run and not worry about collapsing! LOL!

Week 1

OK so I am going to start this blog to keep a track of my running efforts as not to bore the masses.

Goal = 2006 City 2 Surf in under 80mins

Sun 12.02.06
Walk 1.3km
Run/Walk (100m/100m) 2.6km
Walk 1.3km
Total 5.2km 40 mins

Mon 13.02.06
Walk 1.3km
Run/Walk (100m/100m) 2.6km
Walk 1.3km
Total 5.2km 39min

Tues 14.02.06
Walk 1.3km
Run/Walk (100m/100m) 2.6km
Walk 1.3km
Total 5.2km 38min

Wed 15.02.06
Walk 1.3km
Run/Walk (500m/150/500/150/500/150/650m) 2.6km
Walk 1.3km
Total 5.2km 37mins

Total week 1: 20.4km 2hr34min
YTD Total: 20.4km 2hr 34min

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Aawwww Valentine's Day

So I am not very romantic and so I dont 'get' Valentine's Day.
But for all those hopeless romantics out there - I hope you had a wonderful day!

Kylie came over yesterday to give me my birthday present! Thanks Kylie! Whats better than spending time with a friend and getting some yummy scrapbooking supplies?!?!

Ok so I started studying last night. Hydraulics II. Looks interesting enough - yeah if you like pipes?!?! And have ordered my textbooks for Concrete Structures. Another riveting installment to my uni career. But with each subject I do - the closer to fullfilling my career dreams.

Walked/ran again tonight. 3 nights in a row. I am really enjoying myself. I so can't wait for the day where I just start running and dont feel like I could collapse at any second! I will get there!

SO I think it is time for another diary entry......
The Gift if the Heart
The commercial extravaganza of Valentine's Day can distract us from its true symbolic meaning. As an antidote, celebrate your love for all of your family and friends this week. Whenever you are reminded of Valentine's Day, send loving thoughts to someone dear to you, and say a prayer of thanks for them in your heart.

And before I go - Congratulations to Sandi and Fran for the news of their increasing families!!!!
Keep smiling and thanks for stopping by!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006


We had a great day today!
First off I took the kids to Kid-about playland where I met up with my sister who was looking after our nephew and niece.
Afterwards we went to McDonalds and the kids played some more there.
Then we came home and I went and scrapped and did a DT layout thats not due till April! LOL! Knowing me I will do another closer to the time!
Then I went for a 5.2km walk/run. I felt really good afterwards but boy I wish my face didn't go so red when I exercise!!! It's kind of embarrassing!!! LOL!!!
And now I am relaxing watching the Winter Olympics! How good are the Olympics?!?! I love them!

Yeah so thats about all from me for today!
Thanks for stopping by!!!! :)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

City 2 Surf

OK so I dont know if I ever said what my 2006 goal is.
It is to run - the entire way - in the City 2 Surf.
I started training a couple of weeks ago and promptly gave up - I am so unfit and out of shape and it was all just too hard.
So I have done research tonight and found a really cool site that has a 20 week training program which will be perfect since I have about 25 weeks till the big race.

So thats about all from me tonight. I was just really happy I found a site that had some decent info on it and thought I would share!

Friday, February 10, 2006


I have to admit, being on holidays the last two weeks and going to the school everyday I was getting quite jealous of the SAHMs who are able to drop off and pick their kids up and here I am about to go back to full time work. So I decided to not go with the new job and just stay being part time at the bank. So I am feeling quite relieved and happy now! :)

I tell you, since all the stuff went down last week, I am spending about half the amount of time I used to on the computer and I am doing more housework, reading and scrapping!!! It's great!!!

Take care & keep smiling!!! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2006

The future.....

.....are our children.

Kate started kindergarten last week.

She was so cute with the bag she can't carry and the clothes that are too big!

But she was such a little trooper - just walked off like she had been doing this for years!

She came home with 3 stickers for 'doing what I was told'.

She is so very excited about school! She loves going and it is hard to get her to sleep at night with her excitement!

Lets see if in another 10 years she still feels the same way!! LOL!

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Dear diary..... 01.02

Another passage from my "mind body and spirit" diary because nothing much else happened here today - except I am *still* sick!

Feel Fit
How many times have you started the new year full of resolutions only to scuttle them before the month is out?
This year your biggest boost to well-being won't be what you add to your fitness regime but what you take away - whether that's a worry, sugar or a self-defeating attitude.
Focus on one small change a week, and soon you'll be on your way to a healthy body and a positive outlook.

Stay true and happy! :) :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Oh this and that.....

First off I just want to say "HI FLISS!" incase you are reading! ;)

Secondly I bought myself a diary aaagggeeesss ago and I came across it in my *cough* filing box. So I thought since we are almost one month through the diary I better start using it! LOL!
It is titled 'mind, body & spirit' and I held high hopes for it when I first got it.
So I am going to share a passage a week out of it!
But I have a few to catch up on first... lol!

Dec 26 - Jan 1
Welcome the dawn
Even in winter (definately a northern hemisphere publication!), dawn is a special time, an awakening to new possibilities. Take a few minutes for yourself each day as the dawn is breaking - you could perform a short meditation, do some simple stretching exercises, or just spend a little while planning your day. You will feel better prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Hmmmm. Deep. I will do all that from the insides of my eyelids me thinks!

Yeah so I got my uni books today! YAY! I am doing Hydraulics II and Concrete Structures. I am super pumped but I am sure it will wear off.....

Hmmm nothing much else been happening - especially excercise! Blergh! I have a cold thanks to dearest Luke so I havent been doing anything!

Went to the school today to pick up the last things for Kate for school. Lucky I went as I was going to take her tomorrow - on advice from her teacher - but ummmmm kindy's dont start until thursday! We would have looked a bit silly turning up a day early! LOL!!!!!

<------ I did a new layout. This is my favourite photo from our wedding and the photographer didnt take it. BIL did! Good eh? Yeah so it looks sooooo much nice IRL but you get that. The journalling is the poem 'Marriage is a journey' which was one of our readings in our ceremony.

In marriage walk the path together
side by side whenever possible
remember to hold each other when it is cold
if the air becomes too close
make a little space so each can breathe
when the path is narrow choose one to go first
always be willing to follow dont be afraid to lead
trust your partner trust yourself
for marriage is a journey that leads to great love.

Okies - thats all from me tonight! Off to peruse my uni stuff!!!!
Keep smiling! :)