Sunday, January 8, 2006


Gosh - I didnt realise I hadnt blogged in almost a week! Maybe I need to stick to the one entry a day challenge!

This last week I finished my entry for the Scrapworks DT - not holding my breath as there are some absolutely fantastic scrappers out there!!! But will keep my fingers crossed anyway!

Scrapwise - I finished a CJ that I had had here for a couple of weeks - it was one of those CJs where you didnt want to do your page in case you messed it up! It was just beautiful by the time it got to me - I was the last stop before it went back home. Enjoy Ngaio!

Nothing much else has been happening in the bethroid world. Except it would seem a certain little prank was not taken so well. Apparently my intentions were misunderstood. I am not going to justify myself here - I dont need to as I did nothing wrong other than have some fun! And if people cant understand that, thats their problem. And that is all I have to say about that.

On the home front - I cannot believe that Kate starts school in like 3 weeks!!! ARGH!!! The last 5 years have flown. I only hope the next 5 slow down a little!!!

Ok, off to finish The Bridge to Holy Cross - almost done! It too has been a great book - I wouldnt say as good as the first but great nonetheless.


  1. Hey Glad to see annother entry :D Best of luck with the Scrapworks DT entry

  2. God love ya beth... lol...

    a bit scary about Kate huh? I start uni in like, weeks... Thats scarier.... yet theres 2 weeks til i find out if im actually going or not so whooooo knows

    Yes, you should keep up your entries - you silly sausage..


  3. Best wishes for Scrapworks! I've missed your blog, and BTW, I love your sense of fun. x

  4. best of luck on the Scrapworks stuff huh - i have my fingers and toes crossed for you :)