Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The story of B&S

As per Moi's challenge, this is the story of Beth & Stephen.....

I was working at Woolworths at the time when Steve and I first met.
I was a checkout operator and he was a 2IC grocery manager.
I had a crush on Steve for about a year. I liked the way he walked.
During this time I was carrying some excess weight thanks to stopping athletics so I just kept my feelings to myself.
So I lost the weight and felt really good about myself so I got myself some new skirts for work - I guess a little too short - but I was young and carefree and was skinny again so I was flaunting it! LOL!
Well Steve asked me out. At the time I had a boyfriend soI told him no.
He asked me out again but I still had said boyfriend.
Said boyfriend went away for a week and didn't invite me. Hmph!
So I went to work and I was clocking in when Steve walked into the lunchroom.
I said "Hi Stephen. What are you doing tonight?" He said "Nothing." I said "Well do you want to go out then?"

I could not believe the words coming out of my mouth!!! I had never ever asked anyone out!!!!!!

So we went out to the drive-ins. A week later I dumped said boyfriend and we have been together ever since!

Monday, January 30, 2006

My Birthday part 2

<------- This is Luke and I. On my 26th birthday. Gosh I feel old. I am no longer 'mid twenties'. I am on the downhill run to 30. *sigh*

So I want to thank everyone for their well wishes. You all know how to make a girl special!

I received the new Stephen King book of my sister as I am a King fan! Stephen went out *today* to get me a present. I ended up with a new pillow (practical), the 3rd Harry Potter book and some hand weights for when I go walking. I also received a box of chocolates and some money! So all in all I had a great day!

As you can see I have finally gotten around to updating my blog list. Well I have started to delete people now I just need to add more! I will get around to it! Promise!

So keep smiling and take care!!!!! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

My 26th Birthday

I am drunk. Will post more tomorrow.
Happy birthday to my cousin Benjamin and my boss Jenni at TSS!
What an awesome date to celebrate your birthday!
Moi - I received your card in the mail you cheeky bugger!!! Thankyou - from the bottom of my heart - you brightened my day! :)
Will post again tomorrow when the fog lifts! LMAO! ;)

Friday, January 27, 2006

25.01 & 26.01

25.01 - Luke's 2nd Birthday.

2. Already. I wish time would slow down a little.... 2. I still remember everything so clearly.... 2.

We got him a Mega Blocks Pirate Ship - it is so cute! And 2 new Wiggles DVDs as he is obsessed with them at the moment!
Happy Birthday little man!

26.01 - Australia Day
Firstly we got up early - thanks kids - and I went for a run/walk. Then we got ready and went to Nurragingy Reserve to feed the ducks. Obviously we werent the first people there so the ducks were not hungry.... oh well... Had a walk around and then decided to go home.

On the way home Kate asked if we could have McDonalds. Both Steve and I were hungry so we thought that was a good idea. SO we had lunch there and the kids had fun in the play area since they were the only ones in there.

Came home and decided to mow the lawns and trim the trees and take down the Christmas lights. Then had a shower and nanny nap and now I am cybercropping over at The Scrappers Stash! Fun!

Signing off!
Happy Australia Day!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

23.01 - Big post today!

So yesterday we went to the city as DH wanted to go to Hobby Co. So we drove in and parked at Darling Harbour and caught the monorail to the City Centre stop. We thought we would check out Centrepoint Tower. We went up and then when we saw it would cost us $59 we thought 'maybe when the kids are older and appreciate the view'. So we left there and found the hobby shop. The first thing DH pointed out was a pair of scissors exactly like my old ones that broke a couple of weeks ago - so of course I bought myself a pair! Steve got a remote control park aeroplane which he is super excited about! LOL! Kate got some horse toys - of course - and Luke got a toy camera.

So we left there and had lunch - Oportos - yummo. Thats all I need to say about that.

Then we decided to walk to Hyde Park - we walked past my first branch with Westpac - King and Castlereagh Sts - The Trust Building - it is simply gorgeous! I love old buildings! While we were walking we heard church bells. They were coming from St James Church because mass had finished. They rang and rang for a good 8 - 10 minutes! So of course we had to walk past to check it out! LOL!

Then we went to Hyde Park. I love this park. It is beautiful! This photo is of the Archibald Memorial Fountain with St Marys Cathedral in the background. I always wanted to get married in that church - shame I wasn't Catholic though...

It was too hot in the park for the kids to run around and let of some steam so I took this quick photo of Kate and then we headed off back to the monorail to go back to Darling Harbour to see if the Carousel was open. It was, so Steve took the kids for a ride on it. The ride seemed to go for ages and Luke got bored and tried to get off the horse halfway through.....

Afterwards the kids had a play in the park and then we went back to the car and came home.

Gosh my legs were sore after all that! And I was tired so I had a nanna nap! LOL!

Which brings me to today - I went shopping to Target to put the kids winter clothes on layby. Done. Even got myself some new clothes today for my new job.

Feeling good - have been on a run/walk the last 2 nights and I feel good. I run for about 1km and then walk for 1km and then run again for 1km and then I am home and pooped. Lucky August is like 6 1/2 months away so I have plenty of time to train myself up for 14kms. I hope........

Ok I will sign off for another day.
Take care and stay well!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

You know you are old when....

You have to get multifocal lenses for your glasses...... *sob* I got my eyes tested today and at the tender age of 25 - 26 in 10 days - I have to get multifocal lenses. *sob* I feel so OLD!!!!! So I picked out new glasses as these ones have had it - I got pink moulded plastic ones - dont worry they look pretty funky - and I was so sick of the nose pads turning green! So anyway I pick them up in a week (and after I pay $450 for them! EEK!) so I will post a photo of me in my new pink plastic glasses - gosh I sound like a geek!

<------------So I have finished another layout. I had to scraplift a layout from a particular 2Pea user and I chose this layout. I had fun with this layout! Once I agonised over which photos to scrap - inspiration hit - which is always a good thing!

So this is layout number 3 in my challenge - scrap 10 layouts before shopping again. I am hanging to go shopping which is probably why I am getting through a layout a night! I never used to be able to do a layout a week! LOL! I guess since finding my 'groove' it has been so much easier to scrap.

Ok so I didnt get around to my blog link list. Maybe tomorrow.... if I am not too busy scrapping that is! LOL!

Night all! Sleep tight - dont let the bed bugs bite!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

17.01 (just) nup missed it! So it is now 18.01

Not much to add today...... just thought I would upload 2 layouts.

<------- I did this layout in a real whirlwind! I was looking through my massive pile of photos and I just knew I had to scrap these as soon as I saw them! The photos are from fathers day in 2004. So long ago! So this is my first layout in my "10 layouts before shopping again" challenge. The funny thing is - the papers are like 50c sheets and I didnt use much of my stash for embellishments! But my challenge is just to scrap 10 - I didnt say anything about monetary value! ;)

So this ----------> is my layout for the Memory Bugs DT. We had to do a 'textured' layout using basic grey paper. This is what I came up with. I had other plans for this photo but anyway..... I can always scrap it again I guess.....

So I really want to update my blog link list but havent got around to it yet. I might make that a job for tomorrow night since I was too busy reading my book tonight - The Summer Garden and then I decided to watch Dude, Wheres my car. How hilarious is that movie!?!? I loved it - but I do love all those corny movies.

Anyway, enough blabbing for now.
Take care!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Jeepers - I set a challenge and then go MIA for a week! Sorry about that....
Nothing much has been happening here. Kylie came over on the weekend and we stayed up too late and then went scrap shopping the next day! FUN!

So as far as my challenge goes... I havent been taking pics - its so much harder than I thought! So I think I will revise the T&Cs to ONE PHOTO PER WEEK! Now that should be easier for us all! LOL!

<----So I took this photo of Luke this morning. He was NOT being very cooperative and this is the only photo that turned out ok! LOL! He just cant sit still that boy! But he is cute so that makes up for it all I guess! LOL! I finished another wedding layout last night. Very happy with it too. I am too scared to do these layouts as I dont want to ruin them, you know. Oh well so far so good I guess.....

I started a challenge on Scrapboxx today - to scrap 10 layouts before you go scrap shopping again. I need to do this as I shop far too much! So this way I can save my money and then have a bit of a splurge. Funny though - not many people have risen to the challenge..... lol!

So thats about all from me today. Off to cruise blogs and scrap! Take it easy everyone!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Not much happeneing here today except I could barely move! I was sore from head to toe! That will teach me to exercise! Grrrr! LOL!

Our power went out for an hour and then we had baked beans on toast for dinner and thats about as exciting it gets here! LMAO!!!!!

Ok so here is my photo of the day, the kids were drawing on the concrete and of course left their chalks there. Oh and of course Regina, you can start whenever you like. And if it is too much for anyone, you can do a photo a week, or something like that.

Ok, I am off to cruise some blogs so I will say 'hi' when I drop in! Take care!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Well I was so sore all day from my run - not just my legs - EVERYWHERE!!!! I was going to go for another walk but instead I headed off over to Ripples and swam some laps instead. I haven't done laps in like a year! I did 20 but the pool is only 25m - equivalent of 10 full sized laps.

Well I am in for another sore day tomorrow as I can barely move my arms now!

Went and saw Kylie today! Gotta say I lurve the new M7!!! Such a quick and smooth drive! So I took the kids and Kylie got to see what they look like in real life! LOL!

Ok so for my photo of the day I took a photo of the basketball hoop in our backyard! Here it is unedited:

Keep smiling! :)

Monday, January 9, 2006

POTD 8.1

I havent walked in about 2 weeks, and tonight was no different. I didnt walk tonight - I RAN! Ohhhh boy I have a long way to go till I will be fit enough for the City to Surf but its a start. I ran *almost* the whole way - except when I thought I was going to throw up dinner! My chest is paying for it now but I will be ok later.

So now for my photo of the day. I walked out the backyard and saw the 'plastic graveyard' as I like to call it since it is covered in plastic toys! LOL!!! So when I was walking to the garage I saw Luke's lawn mower and whipper snipper lying together and I couldnt resist! Here it is with no editing:

Oh and I finished that book too. But I think I will give my brain a rest before I didve into the third one.

Oh and we bought part of Kate's school uniform today - the dress. How exciting! Only 3 weeks to go!

Sunday, January 8, 2006


OK - so I was perusing 2peas and I noticed they have a photo of the day challenge. So I thought - what a great idea!

So my challenge is:

Take a photo per day and blog it. It can be something special or some ordinary mundane thing or just something that caught your eye - anything at all!!!!!

So - who is up for the challenge?????


Gosh - I didnt realise I hadnt blogged in almost a week! Maybe I need to stick to the one entry a day challenge!

This last week I finished my entry for the Scrapworks DT - not holding my breath as there are some absolutely fantastic scrappers out there!!! But will keep my fingers crossed anyway!

Scrapwise - I finished a CJ that I had had here for a couple of weeks - it was one of those CJs where you didnt want to do your page in case you messed it up! It was just beautiful by the time it got to me - I was the last stop before it went back home. Enjoy Ngaio!

Nothing much else has been happening in the bethroid world. Except it would seem a certain little prank was not taken so well. Apparently my intentions were misunderstood. I am not going to justify myself here - I dont need to as I did nothing wrong other than have some fun! And if people cant understand that, thats their problem. And that is all I have to say about that.

On the home front - I cannot believe that Kate starts school in like 3 weeks!!! ARGH!!! The last 5 years have flown. I only hope the next 5 slow down a little!!!

Ok, off to finish The Bridge to Holy Cross - almost done! It too has been a great book - I wouldnt say as good as the first but great nonetheless.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006


So I have decided to take the job. A change is as good as a holiday. If it doesnt work out I can always go back to the bank anyway.

So how can it be that yesterday it was 44 degrees and scorching hot and yet here I sit today in a tracksuit?!?!?!?!? Unbelievable!!!

I went to Kmart today and picked up The Bridge to Holy Cross and The Summer Garden. These are the 2nd and 3rd books in the series by Paullina Simons. I would love to sit there and just devour them but I have to get back to this BTP project.

Oh and me and Kylie - in our infinite wisdom - have increased out posts on Scrapboxx significantly! I have the highest posts on 7500! ROFLMAO!!!!!!

Run, run as fast as you can - you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!!!!!


Monday, January 2, 2006


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it is 2006. Where did the last year go? In fact, where did the last FIVE years go?!?!?!?!?!?

Last night we just stayed at home but we decided that next year we will take the kids to see the fireworks.

44 degrees here in Sydney today!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt believe it! It was so hot! All I want to say is thank goodness for the airconditioners! But at about 5pm the kids were getting restless so we decided to set up the Slip and Slide they got for Christmas. Luke had a ball and Kate didn't want to go on it! Oh well she was missing out thats for sure! I didnt slide down it but I was more than happy to stand in the water spray! Here is Luke going down it:

I finished The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons today. What a fantastic riveting book! I am off to the shops tomorrow to get the second book in the series The Bridge To Holy Cross. I was reading it last night trying to finish it - when I checked the time and it was 4am! EEK! Lucky for me that Stephen let me sleep in! LOL!

Anyway, enough from me as I am off to do my BTP item for my scrapworks dt entry!