Monday, December 5, 2005


We went to the shops today for something to do and to get out of the house. Surprisingly they weren't too busy. Went into the bookshop while the kids went on one of those ride things - dont worry I didnt leave them... Steve was with them! LOL!

On Linda's recomendation I bought Tully by Paullina Simons (i think...). I havent read a book in ages as I have been too busy scrapping at night and then I just fall into bed and sleep.... It was on special too - $9.95 - which was even better!

Just had a nanna nap so am ready to scrap the night away! I have a DT layout to do for The Scrappers Stash, so I will be doing that tonight.

But before that - fish & chips for dinner as it is too hot to cook and I really dont know what to cook! Oh and I will also go for a walk - feeling good so I might do 5kms! I have started to notice a difference in my clothing, only a small difference but a difference nonetheless!


  1. Hey Beth, glad you picked up one of Paullinas books. Tully is the first one she wrote :)

    Enjoy your fish & chips and your walk :)

  2. You go girl, walk that 5ks!!!

    Than have a big rest and read your book!

  3. Beth I cant believe what a bragain you got with that book! I saw it only today for twetny dollars more than that!
    Looking forward to seeing your DT work for the 'Stash', enjoy your book!

  4. ***Bragain translated from Rach speak is actually bargain and twetny isnt a cockney word for money it should say twenty.

    Sorry Beth promise I will get someone to spell check my comment next time :)

  5. Well done on the walk Beth!!!
    I'm thinking I may have to pick up soe Paulina Simons too - what a great bargain you got!
    Can't wait to see your LOs for TSS!

  6. LMAO at Rachie's correction comments!!!

  7. Tully is my all time fave book!!! You will love it Beth