Tuesday, December 20, 2005


So today and tomorrow I am looking after my sisters daughter. So today we went to Nurragingy reserve where we feed the ducks - I think we were the first people there to feed them today as they ALL came out for a feed! In amongst all the ducks - along swam a goose! So funny!

Anyway after that we went and had a play around in the park area on the slides and stuff. Kids had fun but werent really into it.

So we went to the shop to get stuff for dinner. 3 kids in a trolley is hard work!!!

Only to be told later by DH that my other sister and her hubby were coming over for a BBQ! Grrr! I could have skipped the supermarket with all the kids! Oh well.....

So after they drove me crazy all day, dont know if I was in a mood or they really were just driving me crazy, they are in bed and asleep - and quiet! Ahhhhh...........


  1. Hi Beth, Found your Blog from Lindas :) Sounds like a tough day!! LOL
    I got married at nurragingy reserve last year in October.. so nice over there!!

  2. Hope you had a great day with an extra kid today!!

    LOL @ you with 3 kids and a trolley.. not fun hey :P !!

  3. Ah, it's a lovely moment when they're all asleep ...
    Good of you to do that Beth and I bet the kids had a ball together!