Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Well slap my wrists! I am so sorry I didnt blog yesterday. Quite frankly I didnt do much at all yesterday. I really really wanted to finish my book, so while Luke had a 4 hour - yes FOUR hour nap I read while Kate coloured in. So after dinner and my walk I commenced reading again and finally finished it at 11.30 last night. Well you can certainly tell it is a trilogy as the ending was pretty weak. So I guess I better go in search of the next book.

I was going to take the kids for their Santa photo but after Luke coloured in his legs with purple texta and Kate just whinged because her shirt was plain and then she didnt want to wear the shorts I was putting on her and then Luke decided to oh so casually walk up and bite Kate - I yelled THATS IT! NOT today!!!!! We are not going ANYWHERE today!!!!!

Needless to say the little darlings went to bed at 6.30.........

Oh and camping was ok except the great outdoors certainly is noisy at sunrise!!! Grrrr!!! You know I didnt even think about the police tape and then sleeping the the backyard! ROFLOL!!!!!! When I walked passed in the evening, the tape had all gone. I really wonder what went on......

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  1. How intriguing re the police tape!
    Trust you enjoyed the book?! x