Friday, November 25, 2005

I am cranky

Stephen 'guessed' what I was going to buy him for Christmas. He was spot on too! I wonder how he knew.....

Well the smart**** has found that if he asks me questions as I am just switching from the awake to asleep mode that I answer them!!!!! GGRRRRR!!!!!!!

I cant believe he asked me and because I was semi unconcious I told him!!!!!!!!!!!

Now what am I going to buy him for Christmas????

I know you read this Steve, so guess what you are getting???


Serves you right you sneaky bugger!!!!! :P


  1. LOL!!! That is just too funny!! - semi unconcious... And Steve..that is just too sneaky! You spoiled your own chrissy pressie!!

  2. ROFL Beth!
    Sneaky approach I have to say.
    I love the blog entry I can almost hear how cranky you are from your typing lol!

  3. HAHA Beth!!! Sorry I shouldn't laugh - NAUGHTY STEVE!!


  4. PMSL at this Beth!
    I'm the same whn I'm semi-conscious too!!!