Saturday, October 22, 2005

Beth needs.....

I was over bloggin' at Roz's and she posted about her "needs". For a laugh and a bit of fun - go to google and type in "Your name" and "needs" and see what the top 5 things are that you really need......

1. Beth needs a considerable raise in salary.

2. Beth needs to blow off steam.

3. Beth needs to set aside money for taxes.

4. Beth needs follow-up surgeries.

5. Beth needs your vote at

Actallary my mandatory 4% rise comes in the next pay - woohoo!!!!! So #1 is fullfilled.
#2 - Easy done...... lol!!!!!
#3 - Hmmmm I should really look at doing my tax for the 04/05 financial year...
#4 - Ummmmm not quite sure about this one.......
#5 - UGH! Is there anything worse than sport...... I mean seriously!!!!!

This is a heap of fun! About the 7th one on the list was another Beth and it was her blog where she did this too - pretty cool!!!!!


  1. ROTFL Beth!! You'rs are actually quite 'normal' thing to need hey!
    and you don't like sport?? you bad girl!! lol
    Roz xo

  2. Wow Beth this is cool.

    I entered my name and "needs" and this is one of the things which showed up in the results...lmao

    Susan needs to "get off her butt and do more housework."

    I never knew Google could see inside my :)

    From your friend Susan at Scrapboxx.

  3. Hehehe Beth, I did it too! You can check it out over at my blog! Some odd ones...8)