Saturday, December 31, 2005


Well I havent blogged in ages!!!!! So here goes:

Today was a strange day - I was offered a job by a customer to be a secretary/accounts person. Am considering it as I am 'over' the targets at the bank. We will see.

I put the Christmas deorations away - except for the lights as I want them on for new years! I cant believe how fast the last 2 weeks have flown. I cant believe we are almost into 2006. Scary. I will almost be 26. Even scarier.

So I havent walked in 2 weeks - for 2 reasons, not much time and just too hot!!!


I have decided NOT to walk anymore.

Which leads me to my Goal for 2006.

I want to RUN - yes run - the entire way in the City to Surf in August. So no more walking for me - I will be running around the block!!! I am actually excited!

So I finished my double layout for the Scrapworks DT entry. Enjoy:

Thats about all from me for now.
Stay safe and well.
If I dont see you beforehand:


Sunday, December 25, 2005


Merry Christmas Everyone!
I wish you all a merry and safe Christmas!!!!

Here is a pic of our lights that I took just before we went for a walk around the block to check out other peoples lights:

Take care!!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005


Not much to post today...... just boring day to day stuff..... but I have to post to keep up my post a day challenge from Rachie! :P

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Hey a palindrome! 21.12! LOL!!!

Oh Moi - my name was Elizabeth - but everything - including drivers licence and passport was in Beth - so it was very easy to have it changed! If my parents wanted to call me Beth - then they just should have!

So.... work today. Busy too - which was surprising! Hmmm nothing much to talk about really.

I have decided to enter the Scrapworks DT competition. I finished my single layout last night and since you are allowed to have it shown on the net I will upload it. I am in the middle of doing my BTP item - I am doing a calendar thingy - when I am finished I will post a pic! Anyway - I better get back to it as I still have a double to do and a card and have them copied and sent off asap!
Here you go:

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


It was definately the kids driving me crazy because this morning I woke up in a good mood. It soon dissipated when I was on the loo and I heard a crash. Yes my darling son Luke decided he wanted to "see" mummys brand spanking new, not even a week old sewing machine. He wanted to so much so that he pulled it off the kitchen table! So now my poor machine has some scratches on it but it is all ok. Phew.

So I have been tagged by Rachie! Thanks Rachie! I have to say that these were actually fun questions and I have had fun reading other peoples answers! SO here I go......

Never in my life: did I think I could make such close friends through the internet.

When I was five: I used to make peg roads and lego buildings that went all through the house.

High School is: a something I wish I could turn back time on and do it all again - but differently. I now realise that my time at school should have been something I cherished - especially the friendships.

I once met: Kim Beazley - it went like this - I was walking up some moountaing at the rear of The War Memorial in Canberra and he was walking down it - "hi" and nods "hi" and nods back, Beth turns around "heeeeeey arent you Kim...." "why yes I am" "Wow! Great to meet you" "its nice to meet you too" and we turn aound and continue our walk. Kicking myself I didnt tell him I voted for him!

There’s this girl: at work who I will be in 20 years. We are so alike is isnt funny! But I am comforted by this as she is a great lady!

Once, at a bar: I was never one to go to bars/pubs so I have a boring story from my 18th - my BIL and I had a race to see who could drink their drink the quickest - I won because he tricked me and wasnt really drinking - needless to say I threw up not long after that!

Last night: I sleep on the spare cot matress on the floor in DD's room - no me and DH didnt have a fight - he slept in DD's bed - all because DD and her cousin (my neice) claimed our bed!

When I turn my head left, I see: The backyard as I have the garage door still up.

When I turn my head right, I see: The lawn mower, whipper snipper and a trampoline waiting to be assembled in the messy garage.

A better name for me would be: Well considering I legally changed my name just over a year ago, I think I will keep it Beth thanks! LOL!

I have a hard time understanding: Racism.

You know I like you if: There are not very many people I dont like, so if I dont ignore you, I like you! :)

Take my advice: Be happy with who you are and where you are in life. The grass is NOT greener. In fact it is more than likely browner.

My ideal breakfast is: Sausage and Egg McMuffin with a hash brown stuffed on it aswell and a coke to wash it down!

If you spend the night at my house: Please get your own drinks as I always forget to ask if you would like one!!!

I always make it a point to: Kiss the kids goodnight and tell them I love them.

And by the way: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Ok so who am I going to tag???? Hmmm...... I choose....... MOI!!!!! Have fun Moi!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


So today and tomorrow I am looking after my sisters daughter. So today we went to Nurragingy reserve where we feed the ducks - I think we were the first people there to feed them today as they ALL came out for a feed! In amongst all the ducks - along swam a goose! So funny!

Anyway after that we went and had a play around in the park area on the slides and stuff. Kids had fun but werent really into it.

So we went to the shop to get stuff for dinner. 3 kids in a trolley is hard work!!!

Only to be told later by DH that my other sister and her hubby were coming over for a BBQ! Grrr! I could have skipped the supermarket with all the kids! Oh well.....

So after they drove me crazy all day, dont know if I was in a mood or they really were just driving me crazy, they are in bed and asleep - and quiet! Ahhhhh...........

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Today I am going over to Kylie's to exchange a few things - like I have an order here from KSK that we did and flowers for the Prima swap and I have to get a Xyron off her - I am very excited about this! I never "got" Xyrons.... until I used one and now I am in love! I cant wait to get it and have a play around!

Have to go to Bunnings to get a gas bottle for DH's new BBQ - might test it out tonight!

Anyway.... not much else to say.... except here is a layout I finished last night.... I wanted to do a real messy and dirty layout, but I CAN'T! This is as messy and dirty as I get I am afraid! LOL!


Went to dinner tonight for BILs birthday at Lonestar. How good are the Cheesy Fries?!?!? So anyway we got them to sing the happy birthday song and dance and we also asked for a line dance right in front of our table! LOL! Funny!

Went to Aqua Golf afterwards and Luke had fun hitting the golf balls!

Kate is with my sister and her kids at Carols in the Domain. I bet she is having fun! She was so excited about going! I hope my sister takes lots of photos!

Just finished a layout but have to wait till tomorrow to take a photo as it is too lumpy and not scanning well!

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Oh gosh! The layout that I emailed almost 4 weeks ago to SM got accepted in CK! OH GOSH! I could dance! ROFLOL!!!! Now that would be a sight! LOL!

So now I sit here *trying* to scrap...... come on inspiration..... ohhh picked up my Christmas present today - a sewing machine! Cant wait to use it! Maybe that could be my inspiration.......

I picked up the kids Santa photo. It is gorgeous!

Friday, December 16, 2005


Ok so I didnt post yesterday - but I have a good excuse! Luke knocked over a 390ml bottle of coke and it went straight into the modem! *cries* But tis all ok now! Phew......

Thursday, December 15, 2005


I am happy. I truely am. I am content with my life at home and at work. I didnt get that job I applied for, and even though I am a little dissapointed, I am happy. I am happy because life is just how I want it.

Here is a layout I just finished:

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I dressed the kids this morning for their Santa photo in matching clothes. ROFLOL!!! It was the second time I had ever done this! The first was when I dressed them in the same outfit to have their hospital photo taken at birth. Anyway, they looked so cute I really wanted to take some photos but the outside sun was too harsh. I went to lock the glass sliding doors and thought heeeeyyyyy, perfect natural light! So I got out a sheet and snapped away. Not many of Luke though as he likes to see the picture on the back of the camera so will not sit still. But this is what happens when you say "Lukie, give Katie a cuddle."

Image hosted by

Now the Santa photo, well we take the kids to a really popular Santa, I think he is sop popular because he looks so REAL! Walking in I though that we would have to wait at least 30 minutes. How wrong was I. We walked straight up to the desk - I was expecting to be told that he was going to lunch - as there was no one else waiting.

Kate walked straight up and sat on Santas knee and the lady thought Luke may have been a problem - me too - but no, Luke walked straight over to the sled and I placed him on Santas knee. They both smiled and only TWO photos later, we were done! I can't wait to pick the photos up, and the best part is, for $5 you can get the photo on a CD. Sweet.

Now I sit here sorting out Prima flowers for a Boxx swap and me being the anal person I am is making sure everyone gets the same amount of each colour. Why oh why do I have to be so pedantic - except where housework is concerned! LOL!


Well slap my wrists! I am so sorry I didnt blog yesterday. Quite frankly I didnt do much at all yesterday. I really really wanted to finish my book, so while Luke had a 4 hour - yes FOUR hour nap I read while Kate coloured in. So after dinner and my walk I commenced reading again and finally finished it at 11.30 last night. Well you can certainly tell it is a trilogy as the ending was pretty weak. So I guess I better go in search of the next book.

I was going to take the kids for their Santa photo but after Luke coloured in his legs with purple texta and Kate just whinged because her shirt was plain and then she didnt want to wear the shorts I was putting on her and then Luke decided to oh so casually walk up and bite Kate - I yelled THATS IT! NOT today!!!!! We are not going ANYWHERE today!!!!!

Needless to say the little darlings went to bed at 6.30.........

Oh and camping was ok except the great outdoors certainly is noisy at sunrise!!! Grrrr!!! You know I didnt even think about the police tape and then sleeping the the backyard! ROFLOL!!!!!! When I walked passed in the evening, the tape had all gone. I really wonder what went on......

Monday, December 12, 2005


Hmmm an interesting day......

Went to shops first up this morning.
I got Steve his BBQ and also 2 books for Christmas.
Bought myself a new pair of sneakers which I have just tried out. ;)
Got the last layby out - well after them looking for it for about 15 minutes! But I was just happy that they found it!

So got home and my sister F and BIL J were there. Just sat down for lunch when the phone rang. It was dad. My dad lives in Melbourne but was up for the weekend for his friends birthday party. So he came over this afternnon and visited. He was actually nice. Strange but true......

I told him we were married right after I told him that my sister A had seperated from her husband T. So the wedding was glossed over - happy about that because I didnt have to show him the photos because mum went and I didnt tell him mum went! He would have been cranky about that! Instead he was cranky at my sister A about the whole seperation thing. Totally agree with him there after talking to BIL T yesterday. Oh well.........

So now I am all curious as about 4pm we heard a police car go zooming past - you only see about 1 police car a year inthis suburb! - so when I went for my walk I saw a house that had police tape all around it. Hmmmmm I wonder what happened. The police were still there too and this was like 3 hours later!

So tonight we have put the tent up and me and Kate are sleeping in the back yard! Should be fun!!!

Oh and before I go, here is a layout I did the other night:
Image hosted by

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Opps I didnt make a post yesterday but I was very busy!

I worked in the morning and then went straight to my mums for a Christmas party and stayed there until 7.30 and then came home, had a shower and crawled into bed and read some more of my book and then went to sleep!

I was buggered by the time I got home!
I will make another post later today for 'today's' post! LOL!

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Just a quick one tonight. I had my works Christmas party after work tonight - we went to the Hogs Breath Cafe. Nice enough.

I think I might just go to bed and catch up on the goss tomorrow night.....

Friday, December 9, 2005


SO I found out this morning that someone else applied for the same job as I did. I used to work with this person so it really will be a tough decision as we can both do the job. So if I get the job, I will be happy BUT if I dont get the job, I will be happy too. Either way I dont care.

So after work I donated 470mls of my precious O- blood. I feel good afterwards - like I have done a good deed. I mean I know its a good deed, but well, you know, I just feel good about it.

I *still* havent heard yay or nah about a layout I sent to SM/CK almost 3 weeks ago yet! Its driving me crazy! I just want to know either way! Oh well, tonight I am actually scrapping! Woohoo! Just a 'cause I can and I love the photos' layout - no specific paper, no specific theme, just whatever! Bliss.

I re-enrolled at Uni the other night - so since I picked 2 subjects, I have decided that monday to thursday will be study nights and friday to sunday can be scrapping nights. Perfectly balanced! I have become very good lately with my time management so I think I will be fine. Bring on march! I cant wait to get back into it!

Alrighty, I guess thats enough bable for one night! LOL!

Thursday, December 8, 2005


YAY! The Scrappers Stash opened tonight!!! So I finished my layout for my first Creative Treasure assignment. I am pleased with the results. The stitching was inspired by a layout Kerryn Quall did for FK about 2 months ago.

Did nothing much today as it was too bl00dy hot! Just going out to the garage to get some scrapping supplies was an effort!

No walking today either - yep - too hot! Considered going on the exercise bike but couldnt be bothered!

I am so engrossed in Tully at the moment - but boy she has sex alot!!!! LOL! But it is a good book and it has really drawn me in so I think I may just have to go now and read some more........

Wednesday, December 7, 2005


WOW! What a hot day today!!! 32.5c!!! So we got ready early and went to the park - today it was Western Sydney Regional Park. The kids really enjoy it there! There is a flying fox that Kate has been too scared to go on but after Luke went on it first, Kate decided that she was game enough - and sure enough - she loved it! So we stayed about 1 1/2 hours when I called it quits because it was just too hot (and a little girl tried to beat Luke up!)

Stopped in at the shop on the way home. Luke can't help himself - he has to touch everything! Drives me crazy!

Then home for Luke to sleep and me and Kate to relax in the coolness of the aircon! So I read a bit more of my book and Kate flicked through a horse magazine as she is addicted to horses!

Then we had a miniskip delivered - so Steve got out there in the heat to fill it up. I told him it could wait but nup - he had to do it in the heat! Men....
Then we did a once over of the house as we have a rental inspection tomorrow - one thing I wont miss when we buy our own house! (Which by the way we have decided to in 6-9 months! I wont get cold feet this time!)

SO now it is time to do my DT layout.... just printing the photo now..... hey mojo.... come out come out wherever you are!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 5, 2005


Not much happening today.....
Was going to go to the park but its supposed to hit 35c today so I wont inflict that on the kids! Will probably just fill up the clam pool and have a splash around!

But right now Kate and I are writing out Christmas cards - I have got Kate to draw a picture on the inside of each card. She is having fun and they look good too - in a 5 year old way! LOL!

Have to go up to shop later and get stuff for dinner - tonight we are going to have Beef Margarita but I think I may use mince and kidney beans instead of beef strips.

I never ended up scrapping last night... I find AED paper a little hard to use to be honest - it is so busy but I am sure I will come up with something....

Oh oh oh postie just left me a nice surprise - the new SM Masters book!!!

Ok better be off as "mu-uuum" is getting a little distracting! LOL!!!

Opps - forgot to add that I have a new Flicker! Thanks Linda for pointing yours out!!! Very cool!!!


We went to the shops today for something to do and to get out of the house. Surprisingly they weren't too busy. Went into the bookshop while the kids went on one of those ride things - dont worry I didnt leave them... Steve was with them! LOL!

On Linda's recomendation I bought Tully by Paullina Simons (i think...). I havent read a book in ages as I have been too busy scrapping at night and then I just fall into bed and sleep.... It was on special too - $9.95 - which was even better!

Just had a nanna nap so am ready to scrap the night away! I have a DT layout to do for The Scrappers Stash, so I will be doing that tonight.

But before that - fish & chips for dinner as it is too hot to cook and I really dont know what to cook! Oh and I will also go for a walk - feeling good so I might do 5kms! I have started to notice a difference in my clothing, only a small difference but a difference nonetheless!

Sunday, December 4, 2005

Rachie's Challenge

So Rach has set a challenge to all in blogland.

The challenge is …………..a blog entry a day!

So this is todays entry:
On Thursday I applied for a new position at work. I am the only person who has applied (or so I have been told!) but this does not guarentee I get the job. I have spoken to the Regional Manager who said I "had the ability to do it".
Con: full time and extra pressure on sales.
Pro: More money.
Will keep you all updated!

I worked this morning. Only 4 hours and it went fast so that was good!
Afterwards Kate, Luke and I went to a birthday party for one of Kate's friends, Jordan. He turned 5 today. Spent 5 hours there! The time just flew! The kids enjoyed themselves and are now asleep!

Was going to scrap tonight but have a headache and general 'can't be bothered' attitude.... I think I should just go to bed! I got the new FK mag so I might go read it and then go to sleep.

I ordered a US CK subscription last night. I checked the 13 issue subscription but when it flicked onto the second page it (NOT me!) changed to the 26 month sub!!! I didn't notice as I was just confirming billing address and then went it went to the confirmed page I noticed the change! I thought 'I didnt click on that!' So I used back in the browser and sure enough - it WASNT me!!! Oh well..... at least I dont have to buy another CK for 2 years.... LOL!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2005

FK Book

SO I get home on wednesday and Kate collects the mail. She dumps it in the middle of the loungeroom floor and starts to open it all. Thats ok as she loves to open mail. Then she goes and gets the scissors and starts to cut up the envelopes. No worries as she loves to create things.

I go and get dinner reading and I walk past and I see this piece of paper - one of those TFN declaration forms and I think "sweet - the copies from SM have been really bad lately so I will get some copies done". Still not even thinking about why I have it.

I look down and see a Neutrimetics letter and assumed it came with that.

THEN I notice under a pile of envelopes I see a couple of pieces of paper. Hmmm whats this I wonder. (Nothing still registering!)

Read the letter and wonder what on earth it means.
Re-read the letter and still wonder what it means.
Then I notice "splash" written on it.

It hits me - FK want to publish my Splash layout in the Awards of Excellence Book!

*dancing follows*

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just wanted to share....

I am just getting some photos ready to print tomorrow, read: touching up and resizing, and I came across this photo of Luke. It was taken back in September one day while he and Kate were painting.

Sorry just wanted to share......

Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas Lights

I love Christmas lights!!! I would love to make my house look like the Griswolds! Not only that - I love walking around the neighborhood to look at other peoples lights. So this is our house at dusk.
And this is our house at night.
Its not the Griswolds yet but it certainly is a start!

A day of failures..... and triumphs

I was very excited about making dinner tonight! I made chicken and dumplings! I had never had dumplings before let alone make them! It was all turning out great. It had to simmer it for 15 minutes without opening the lid. After 10 mintues I thought I smelled burning. I wrecked dinner. I offered to go get McD's but Steve said no you made it so we will eat it. We did - smokey flavour and all. To be absolutely honest....... I liked it! But I am sure it will taste better next time without the 'added flavours'.

Then after dinner I ate chocolate - well a crunchie actually - and about 2/3 only. While I know I have failed my 10 day quest - I can safely say that I have *not* failed in 'kicking the habit'. Seriously after the first 2 bites I had had enough! So I gave it to Steve and I can honestly say that I will NOT be rushing out to buy more. It was rather 'meh'.

So afterwards I went for a walk. Now the big block is 3km and the little block is 1.3km. I have been just doing a lap of the big block. Tonight I did the big block and fair dinkum I was going so fast my shoes should have been smoking. I was nearing the end and I found myself not wanting to stop! I didnt feel tired or sore so I kept going - I did a little lap. So 4.3kms later I still felt great but I didnt go again in case Stephen called a search party! LOL! I am very happy with my progress. I didnt even cringe when Steve said why dont you go for a walk - because I *wanted* to walk.

So while I had 2 failures..... dinner and chocolate - they were far outweighed by my triumphs..... I dont want chocolate anymore and a nice long walk!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Day 9 and Christmas stuff

Well today is day 9!!!!!!!!!! I cant beleive that I have not let one morsel of chocolate pass my lips!!! I am so excited and happy! Only ONE more day to go until I have broken the habit! WOOHOO!!!!! My waist is enjoying it also - the squeeze into my workpants isn't so tight! The walking has also helped that though! ;)

We have put our Christmas lights up! I am so excited about Christmas! I bought 4 sets of lights this year to go with our one and only set for outside!


Scary but true..... LOL!!!!!

So I have decided to make some festive food this year! Starting with some Gingerbread Houses and Chocolate Fudge! I will have to make a practice batch first though! ;) LOL!!!!!

Found a great recipe for dinner tonight - Chicken and Dumplings. I admit - I am obsessed with food lately..... well cooking food anyway! :P

Friday, November 25, 2005

I am cranky

Stephen 'guessed' what I was going to buy him for Christmas. He was spot on too! I wonder how he knew.....

Well the smart**** has found that if he asks me questions as I am just switching from the awake to asleep mode that I answer them!!!!! GGRRRRR!!!!!!!

I cant believe he asked me and because I was semi unconcious I told him!!!!!!!!!!!

Now what am I going to buy him for Christmas????

I know you read this Steve, so guess what you are getting???


Serves you right you sneaky bugger!!!!! :P

Day 6

I am on day 6 Moi!!!! Almost there!!!!! Only 4 more days to go!!!! But after the 10 days I am going to aim for another 10 days!!!

Chocolate - the old faithful friend of the thighs - I have jumped on the wagon and given it up! I simply refuse to fall off the wagon! Refuse! And now its written here I have to keep up high on the wagon!

I have still been walking and I am really enjoying it! Nothing like my ancient walkman to keep me company! :)

So I am slowly changing my lifestyle for the better and I am feeling great!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Scrappers Stash

I am pleased to say that I have been chosen as a design team member for The Scrappers Stash!!!!! I am so happy that Jenni - the owner - picked me! YAY!!!! Ok that was my secret news!!! LOL!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thanks Nic & Cass for Tagging Me!!!

So I have been tagged by Nicole AND Cass - thanks!!! Ok, so here are my answers.....

2 names you go by: Beth and bethroid

2 parts of your heritage: On my dads side there is aboriginality and my mums side is English

2 things that scare you: Snakes and mice

2 of your everyday essentials: Internet and scrapbook related activities

2 things you are wearing right now: I am only wearing two things! LOL! My pyjamas and undies!

2 of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment): Kelly Clarkson and Mariah Carey

2 favorite songs (at the moment): Gold-digger (Kanye West) and We belong together (Mariah Carey)

2 things you want in a relationship (other than real love): Friendship and fun

2 truths: I dont OWN any makeup and the ONLY food or drink I dont like is Coffee

2 physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex): Clean cut and very little chest hair

2 of your favorite hobbies: Scrapbooking and scrapbook forums LOL!

2 things you want really badly: Unlimited scrapbook supplies LOL and to finish uni

2 places you want to go on vacation: Tasmania and NZ South Island

2 things you want to do before you die: Bungy jump and Skydive

2 ways that you are stereotypically a dude/chick: I am so not your stereotypical chick although I have been trying to "chick" up a bit by wearing skirts and carrying handbags.... still havent got any makeup though! LOL!

2 things you are thinking about now: must go scrapbook, Luke go to sleep

2 stores you shop at: Franklins, Target LOL!

2 people I would like to see take this quiz: Linda T and Kylie B - So "Tag - you're it!"

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thankyou Betty

Kate usually doesn't eat dinner. It frustrates me to no end! I myself was getting bored with the meat and 3 veg thing too and subsequently we had been having a lot of 'throw in the oven' things. So I decided to turn to my old friend Google and do a search for dinner recipies and he found Betty. Betty Crocker. My new saviour.

It has a recipie box that stores your favourite ones. I printed 2 off and headed for the shops. Armed with the Pasta Primavera and Lemon Basil Chicken and Vegetable recipies I picked up the necessary ingredients.

I made the pasta.
Kate ate all her dinner and wanted it for tonights dinner too.
I love you Betty!!!!!

I have some other good news, no I am not pregnant, but will tell you all as soon as I am allowed! ;)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Bandaid Bandit

*Sigh of relief*
This layout has taken me a week to complete!!! I am so glad I have finished it as I was starting to get bored of it.... but I am extremely happy with the way it turned out! Click on the layout for a closer look!

Journalling reads: Kate, if I had one dollar for every time I have said "no blood, no bandaid" to you I would be a rich mummy! You are the biggest hypochondriac just so you can have a bandaid! You point out bumps that dont exist just for a bandaid! I dont know why you like them so much but it is turning into a fashion statement!

Luna Park

Yesterday afternoon we went to Luna Park! Neither Stephen or I had been before so it was as exciting for us as it was for Kate and Luke!

Thursday, November 3, 2005

The Wedding

Well it is a long story......
But lucky for you I will abbreviate it! LOL!

Hairdresser was late which was ok since she didnt know she had an appointment at all the day before! She tried to give me an 80's hairstyle. I was so close to tears it wasn't funny! Lucky Felicity came to my rescue and got her to change it! But fair dinkum she teased my hair so much that I thought I was going to have to CUT it out!!! Anyway it ended up looking ok but a little messy from all the teasing.

The makeup lady cancelled my appointment because I forgot the trial appointment. Oh well she made room for us and I have to admit she did a great job!

Flowers were just stunning - once I found the florist! I was so close to tears at this point but seeing those gorgeous flowers put me at ease - a little.

Got back to the cabin to dress at like 10.35 - ummm the wedding was supposed to start AT 10.30! Anyway we throw on our clothes and go!!!

We get to the wedding about 20 minutes late. As soon as I got there I burst into tears! I am just putting that down to stress though! But I quickly got over it and then the wedding commenced.

It was truely beautiful and I am very happy to now be an old maid!

The only thing I am dissapointed with is that a friend was supposed to bring his video camera and he didnt, I would have taken mine otherwise, so I only have photos. Oh well.... I guess I wouldnt have really watched it anyway..... *sigh*

And since you were so good reading all that...... here's a photo of the newlyweds......

Image hosted by

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Optimism vs. Cynicism

I am an optimist! I truely am!
Thats why when I saw a link to this site I thought it might be funny..... and sure enough.....

Some few favourites:

Online Offlife.

Team Player The type of cooperative, self-effacing employee beloved by corporations that promote egotists to the top positions.

Education The long and difficult process by which a young person comes to detest books.

Patriot One who believes passionately that his own nation is the greatest because it is his, and that all other nations are inferior because they aren't. Also Patriotism: The root cause of parades, wars and billowing clouds of rhetoric.

Freedom 1. In the U.S., the sacred right to speak and act according to one's conscience, except when dealing with sensitive special-interest groups or militant Republican administrations. 2. What the U.S. frequently exports to developing nations, by force if necessary.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Beth needs.....

I was over bloggin' at Roz's and she posted about her "needs". For a laugh and a bit of fun - go to google and type in "Your name" and "needs" and see what the top 5 things are that you really need......

1. Beth needs a considerable raise in salary.

2. Beth needs to blow off steam.

3. Beth needs to set aside money for taxes.

4. Beth needs follow-up surgeries.

5. Beth needs your vote at

Actallary my mandatory 4% rise comes in the next pay - woohoo!!!!! So #1 is fullfilled.
#2 - Easy done...... lol!!!!!
#3 - Hmmmm I should really look at doing my tax for the 04/05 financial year...
#4 - Ummmmm not quite sure about this one.......
#5 - UGH! Is there anything worse than sport...... I mean seriously!!!!!

This is a heap of fun! About the 7th one on the list was another Beth and it was her blog where she did this too - pretty cool!!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

2 1/2

2 1/2 days left of work and then I am on holiday!!!
Not to mention the wedding thats happening next friday! Ohhh I am getting butterflies!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Well its been like whole days since I have posted - but I think I am becoming a little addicted to posting on this thing.

The photo is of the kids today - we went to Nepean River to feed the ducks and play on the equipment. Well there werent many ducks around because I think the Fire Brigade scared them off. They had 3 fire trucks down on the river sucking up water and then spraying it back out. The kids really enjoyed watching them!

Anyway - I better get back to scrapping because if I finish 2 layouts using chatterbox papers then I will enter this silly design team competition.


How much?


Monday, October 17, 2005

How much update

Well I had been such a good girl..... had......

$31.10 +

$39.25 +
$31.96 +
$90.45 +
$36.25 +

The scary thing is this was all in the last week.................. but it did include a class fee and a new 12" paper trimmer........

Wedding update #3

To do List:
  1. Buy Kate and Luke outfits
  2. Buy good strapless bra and invisible undies
  3. Lose weight but I have been a little stressed lately and have been binge eating so I dont think I will lose what I want by when I want

Not long to go now......... I am beginning to stress a little but it will all be over in 1 1/2 weeks!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


So I entered a comp called the For Keeps Elite Team and Awards of Excellence.
I didn't win - surprise surprise! Oh well i gave it a shot - my layouts were the best I could have done. I thought they may have won a "design" award but oh well.
I am a bit down on my scrapping at the moment. I submit and submit but nope, nothing but raspberries. I guess I should be thankful for the 2 that I have had accepted for publication but I am not because they werent my best layouts. What has been published is not my best work and I feel like if I am to be published then it should be the best, not just because it fits a theme......
Anyway, I have uploaded my "Blue Jeans" layout that was my favourite one out of the 5. Ok.... off to scrap.......

The Park

What a glorious day today! The weather was fantastic! I think it may have even hit 30 degrees! Perfect!
So we decided that we would go to Western Sydney Regional Park. This time we found it without a hitch! LOL!
It was great! We were the only people there which was good and bad in a way..... good because the kids could play on anything they wanted but bad because they didn't have anyone else to play with. Not to worry! We had a heap of fun anyway and stayed for about 1 1/2 hours!!!
This photo turned out awesome! Its hard to believe but both of the kids were actually in motion when I snapped this photo!!! I wanted so badly to get a nice photo of Kate and Luke together but Luke can be very uncooperative at times......

Sunday, October 9, 2005

Wedding Update #2

To do list:

  1. Work out EXACT location of the ceremony
  2. Buy shoes
  3. Buy outfits for the kids
  4. Hire suit for DF - going to look at suits today when Luke wakes up.
  5. Buy good strapless bra and invisible undies
  6. Work out flowers
  7. Book hairdresser and makeup - booked hairdresser but have to confirm makeup.
  8. Last but not least - lose 5 kilos so my dress doesnt have to be altered! I have lost 1 kg so far!!! Yippee!

Sunday, October 2, 2005

How much update

$18 +

Not too bad so far.....

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New layout

I have a backlog of circle journals on my desk so I made a promise to myself that for every CJ I finish I can reward myself with doing a layout. So far I have already finished two that I will send on today.

So I just thought I would share my layout I did last night:
Image hosted by
Its my DS in the shower. He is such a cutie and I couldnt believe how well the photo turned out! Even when I collected the photos the lady even told me it was great! (Insert blush!)

I have an action packed day ahead of me but for now I am enjoying the fact that the kids are having a sleep in and I am having some "me" time. Aaahhhhh..........

Monday, September 26, 2005

How much???

I have decided to be brave!
I am going to start tallying up my scrapbooking purchases.


total $18


So I realised (after looking at Linda's blog) that I havent posted anything about my scrapping!

About 4 years ago a good friend of mine, Justine, was on mat leave from work. SHe came in one day and asked if I wanted to go to an album party.
"Oh ok, albums huh?" Thinking MUSIC albums.....
But she set me straight by telling me it costs $10 and to bring 6-8 photos.
Ooohhhh a PHOTO album party! DER!

It all snowballed from there.

I had never been particularly creative at school so I really dont know why it appealed to me that much....

So I have countless photos in countless albums and I remember almost every single layout I have done. I love my albums and I hope my kids will appreciate them too and their kids and so forth.

I am lucky to be on two design teams for online shops.
The first is This is a great community. I love it there and you will see there everyday!
The second one is This is also a great site. I am there everyday aswell......

*gasp* What have I done?

I have a blog!!! Hmmm I wonder if I will keep this up? Probably not...........

And without further ado......
Welcome to Bethroid's blog - the Site of the Pain!!!!!

The Wedding - update #1


  1. Work out vows and send paperwork back to Celebrant
  2. Work out EXACT location of the ceremony
  3. Contact photographer for package costings
  4. Get my ring resized - ring is at jewellers as I type. Its getting a clean aswell
  5. Buy DFs ring - Got it! Bargain too - $129!
  6. Book accommodation
  7. Buy shoes
  8. Buy outfits for the kids - Got a pretty dress for Kate
  9. Hire suit for DF
  10. Buy good strapless bra and invisible undies
  11. Work out flowers
  12. Book hairdresser and makeup
  13. Last but not least - lose 5 kilos so my dress doesnt have to be altered!

Sunday, September 25, 2005


I have once again become addicted to
The layouts posted there really appeal to me and the message boards crack me up! I cant believe the catfights in the boards!!! ROFLMAO!!!! Too funny.
Anyway I had been seeing all these "Effer Dares" and thought the layouts were awesome. Really expressive. Not just your standard old BoM pages either. These are deep. I thought - where do I find these dares?!?! Well lucky for me they have their own blog now. So once a week I will *try* to complete the dare. I have put a link on the side to the Everything Effer blog.
Happy Scrappin'!

The wedding

October 28th 2005
I still cant believe that we are *finally* going to do it!
Talk about a spur of the moment thing. As a scrapbooker I wish I had taken note of the day that DF said "when we are at Nambucca do you wanna get married?". Oh well I can always just pick a day - no one but me will know....

  1. Work out vows and send paperwork back to Celebrant
  2. Work out EXACT location of the ceremony
  3. Contact photographer for package costings
  4. Get my ring resized
  5. Buy DFs ring
  6. Book accommodation
  7. Buy shoes
  8. Buy outfits for the kids
  9. Hire suit for DF
  10. Buy good strapless bra and invisible undies
  11. Work out flowers
  12. Book hairdresser and makeup
  13. Last but not least - lose 5 kilos so my dress doesnt have to be altered!